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Computer Donation in Chicago

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Free Computer Donation in Chicago – Chicago is the largest city in the United States. Chicago is known as the international hub and is the third most populous city in the United States. It is the hub of finance, culture, commerce, education, technology, industry, telecommunication, and transportation. Chicago has the largest and most diverse derivatives market in the world. Besides this fact, in some areas, the digital divide still exists due to the lack of technology and the internet. To bridge this digital gap various organizations work to create digital inclusion in the nation. Chicago is the city in which the top-ranking universities are available. It enhances the job opportunities and the living standard of the students. Now, in the below guide, we will discuss the organization that accepts computer donations in Chicago to enhance the economy of the nation. Likewise, various programs that support computer donation in Boston and Michigan are also available. 

Organizations/Programs that Support Computer Donation in Chicago

In Chicago, organizations accept computer donations not only to support families of the community but also to protect the environment from harmful chemicals. The recycling services of computer donation reduce landfill waste. To create digital inclusion in Chicago, various organizations indulge in community programs. The list of the best organizations is as follows.

1. Goodwill Metropolitan Chicago

The goodwill industry runs more than 158 Goodwill organizations around the world. This industry has indulged in providing community services since 1919. They provide employment opportunities, training programs, and other supportive services for people who are facing disabilities and belong to the underdeveloped section of society. The primary focus is to create technological advancement in the nation by providing technological equipment like computers and the Internet. They accept computer donations from individuals and then perform recycling and refurbishing services, which address the issue of electronic waste and digital inclusion. Your donation to Goodwill Metropolitan Chicago bills a stronger Chicagoland area for everyone.

2.  PCs for People Chicago

PCS for People is an organization that works throughout the United States. They accept computer donations of both working and non-working computers to bridge the gap of the digital divide in the nation. They provide sustainable electronic recycling services that support the environment and reduce the contamination of soil. They provide donated computers to low-income families and nonprofits after refurbishing at low cost or free of charge. Along with the computer they also provide internet connectivity that helps people to connect to the world. It generates various opportunities for individuals including employment opportunities, education opportunities, skill development, etc. So, they work to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their goals through digital technology. In short, your computer donation is thoroughly utilized by the PC for People. 

3. Salvation Army Chicago

The Salvation Army is dedicated to doing the most good. They work to fulfill human needs without any discrimination. The Salvation Army has worked for the community since 1865. The mission of the Salvation Army is based on the Bible to meet human needs without any discrimination. They accept every kind of donation including electronic items like computers. 

4. Savers Club

Super Savers Club accepts computer donations and other goods for the greater good. They keep the items and make them reusable to prevent the dumping of these items into landfills. Their purpose is to save the environment and the lives of the people. Along with the electronic items, you can donate all kinds of goods including books, media, clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, small appliances, etc. 

5. Brown Elephant

Brown Elephant is the shop that supports the mission of the Howard Brown Health Agency. The shop accepts computer donations and sells the computers to the community at low prices. The money that they raise from the resale of the donated items is given to the agency for the social cause. The shop accepts all kinds of donations including computers. Howard provides their services to mobilize social justice. The agency works for the individual’s well-being and community empowerment. 

6. Epilepsy Foundation

Epilepsy Foundation of Chicago funds the local programs and provides support services for the betterment of the community. They give new life to the donated items outside of the landfills. You can easily contact them for donations through their website as they provide various benefits including tax benefits as well. You can schedule the pick-up of the product according to your suitability. One more thing is that you can reschedule or cancel the existing pick-ups at your convenience. 

7. Human-I-T

Human-I-T is an organization that works with the motive to empower people and protect the planet. It creates equitable access to the technology including devices, internet, training, and technical support for the community. They accept computer donations to empower the businesses and organizations that face the consequences of the digital divide. They recycle the electronic waste to divert it from the landfills to protect the environment and planet.

8. Chicago Public Schools and Libraries

Other than the organizations, you can donate your computers to the local schools and libraries as they accept computer donations for the development of the students. They provide educational opportunities and resources to the students who can’t afford the capital goods. It enhances overall digital inclusion. 

So, these are the organizations that accept computer donations according to their specific guidelines. Before donating, you should review the requirements and guidelines of the receipt organization. Some may offer you additional benefits like tax exemptions. 


Computer Donation impacts the lives of various individuals, families, and communities in Chicago. It provides technological access and bridges the gap of the digital divide. It fosters digital inclusion by allowing individuals to participate in job opportunities, online education, digital skills, and other technological services. You can donate the computers through various organizations, programs, foundations, and institutions. Before donating, don’t forget to check their policies on accepting donations. Some focus on working computers and some accept non-working for recycling. Recycling generates various types of opportunities in the community including job opportunities. So, always communicate with the organization beforehand. 

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