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Computer Donation in Colorado

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Computer Donation in Colorado or Donating computers in Colorado has a lasting impact on the communities, families, individuals, and the state as a whole because it helps in bridging the gap of the digital divide. The digital divide exists in Colorado due to the lack of technology and resources including computers and the Internet. Computer donation programs enhance the educational opportunities and contribute to the environment as well. Some organizations in Colorado offer recycling services to protect the environment from electronic waste. Before donating the computer, you need to ensure that the data is properly wiped off. To help society, you need to find the right organization to donate your computers. Here, in this guide, we will discuss how you can find the right organization to donate a computer and the organizations/institutions that accept computer donations in Colorado. 

How to Find the Organizations to Donate A Computer?

To find a suitable organization for computer donation in Colorado, you need to check the policies of the organizations that accept your computer donation. The steps of finding the right organization are as follows.

  • Non-profit organizations: You can search for non-profit organizations that accept computer donations for technology advancement and digital access. These organizations also provide refurbishing services for the computers and then distribute them to the underdeveloped communities of society.
  • Local libraries: Approach the local libraries because they also accept computer donations to support digital literacy and to help individuals complete their assignments or homework. 
  • Educational institutions: You must visit the educational institutions of the locality because they commonly accept computer donations to support the students for educational purposes as it maintains their budget to some extent as well.
  • Online platforms like FreeCycle: you can search for online platforms as they accept computer donations to develop the underprivileged section. They connect the donors and the users through their platform who need computers to deal with the digital divide. 
  • Charitable foundations: The foundations that support the students of the orphanage and other disabilities accept computer donations, you can contact them because they have limited resources by which they are unable to afford technology including computers. 

By contacting the above-mentioned places, you can donate your computers for the development of society and to bridge the digital gap. Before donating, understand their terms and conditions to ensure the full utilization of your donation. Try to donate the working computers because they help individuals get access otherwise, the non-working computers will go to the trash for recycling. 

Organizations that Support Computer Donation in Colorado

The supportive organizations of computer donation in Colorado are discussed below. Similarly, computer donation organizations in other states of the United States are also available such as Computer Donation in Columbus Ohio, and New Jersey. The best picks of the organizations that support computer donation in Colorado are mentioned here along with their description and the website through which you can get complete details regarding their programs. you can choose any organization at your convenience that suits you the best as per the policies and rules. Some organizations accept only working computers and some accept non-working ones as well for recycling purposes. So, analyze all the details before making any decision. 

1.  Community Computer Connection (C3)

Community Computer Connection (C3) is an organization that accepts computer donations to help non-profit organizations, schools, and low-income communities. It is a non-profit organization that distributes refurbished computers to provide technological access to many Colorado communities. They refurbish computers with the licensed Windows operating system and the other additional software.

2.  Computers with Causes Colorado

You can donate your old computers including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and other electronic gadgets with Colorado computer donation. It provides your old and used computers to families who are in need and non-profit institutions in Colorado. It also provides tax benefits as you can deduct the market value of your computer from your taxable income. This organization is the best to make a charitable contribution to develop the society. You can start the process of donating by filling out the form on their website

3.  Goodwill of Colorado

Goodwill of Colorado is a computer recycling center that accepts computer donations for recycling to protect the environment. They provide recycling services for residential computer donors. As per the records, Goodwill of Colorado has diverted more than 400 tons of e-waste from local landfills. They also provide pick-up and drop-off facilities for the donated computers. 

4.  PCs for People Colorado

PCs for People is an organization that works in various States including Colorado in the United States. Their purpose is to close the digital divide by providing devices, internet access, recycling services, and training programs to support low-income individuals and non-profit organizations/institutions. They also provide their services through an affordable connectivity program in which they provide internet access at low prices. 

5.  BlueStar Recyclers

Bluestar Recyclers is a recycling company that accepts computers and other electronic items for recycling purposes. They provide recycling services to protect the environment as they easily dispose of unused electronic items.

6.  Denver Public School Foundation

Denver Public School Foundation is the foundation in the Denver city of Colorado. They want to support students and educational institutions within the district of Denver. They accept computer donations and fund innovative programs to develop and retrain the teachers and the students. 

7.  ChildrenFuture

ChildrenFuture is an organization in Cambodia that works for the end of the exploitation and trafficking of children in Cambodia, Colorado. They aim to invest in tomorrow’s children by providing technological access, education services, and training programs. They accept computer donations to improve the lives of children and to develop the nation.

These are the organizations that support computer donation in Colorado. They aim to bridge the gap of the digital divide between the underdeveloped and developed societies of the nation. You can provide any kind of electronic item to these organizations according to their policy because they provide recycling services as well. 


Computer donations in Colorado provide digital access to underdeveloped areas including individual communities, non-profit organizations, charitable institutions, schools, trusts, etc. Before donating your old and used computers ensure that you securely wipe your data and your computer is in good working condition that can offer access to the technology. The above-mentioned organizations accept computer donations in Colorado as they work for the social cause of technological development.

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