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Donation is a kind of generous gesture to support others where an individual gives resources including money, goods, and services to the organization, communities, etc. without expecting to receive anything in return. Computer donation is a voluntary act of giving computers to persons, organizations, or institutions who are in need. Computers are essential for education, communication, job opportunities, and accessing online resources. Donating computers whether laptops, desktops, or other devices provides access to technology, supports education, empowers community development, supports digital inclusion, and reduces electronic waste. Here in this guide, we will discuss all the relevant facts and figures regarding computer donation including donating old computers, where I can donate my old computers, computer donation near me, what to do before donating a computer, computer donation programs, preparing a computer for donation, etc.

Why We Need To Donate Old Computers?

Old computer donation is one of the significant initiatives to develop society, reduce electronic waste, and provide opportunities to underserved communities, economically disadvantaged people, etc. Due to technological advancement, individuals and companies constantly go for new computers, PCs, and laptops which means the older ones are often replaced. The donation of old computers to charity has various advantages and some of these are as follows.

  • Eco-friendly: By donating old computers, you are protecting the environment as keeping e-waste away from landfill dumps prevents soil pollution from heavy electronic metals and chemicals.
  • Saving for natural resources: The natural resources are saved to some extent by reducing the used computers and then the same resources can be spent to produce a new unit.
  • Community development: The organizations and community centers that are unable to afford computers would find deleted computers to be a great boon as they enhance educational opportunities.
  • Libraries: The public libraries accept donations of old computers as with this they can provide access to needy people to computers for internet use and educational purposes.

Where Can I Donate My Old Computers?

We can donate old computers near me including various organizations, charitable institutions, schools/colleges, senior citizen centers, libraries, clubs, electronic retailers,  etc. Before donating, you should analyze which organizations accept your donation of old computers because some are not willing to use the older computers. Some organizations accept computers that are only in good working condition. Every organization uses donated computers in different ways according to their criteria. Some directly donate them to needy people after refurbishing. Some recycled the computers because some parts were usable including glass, metal, plastic, and copper. The complete list of the computer donation programs and other sources is discussed below.

Computer Donation Programs/Organizations

The programs or organizations that are designed to accept the donation of computers in the United States are mentioned below. These programs bridge the digital gap and provide access to the technology that makes people and students more self-reliant. They accept donations and even raise computer donation requests from time to time to complete their need for computers.

1. National Cristina Foundation

It is a foundation that supports people who are facing problems in their lives due to a lack of finances and resources. It includes the economically disadvantaged population and people with disabilities. It connects computer donors with organizations and people who need technological equipment for personal use or the welfare of society. This Foundation was established in 1984 with the concept of using technological products. You can connect with the foundation through their official website.

2. Donation Town

Donation Town is an organization that works with various national charities and local charitable organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, etc. To donate your old computers to charity, you have to enter your zip code on their website, and the list of charities that made computer donations will be provided to you.

3. InterConnection

It is a non-profit organization that accepts the donation of electronic equipment. It is certified by the Microsoft Refurbisher which also provides data wiping services to clear personal data from the computer. They also accept donations from the out of state places but it is based on the quantity and size of the donation. They provide help to the underserved community in the United States. To know more, you can visit their official website.

4. PCs for People

This is the organization that provides electronic recycling services as they are certified Microsoft refurbishers. It is located in Colorado, Ohio, and Minnesota. They recycle the computers and convert non-working into working computers, Then provide them to low-income people who are unable to afford computers in the United States. You can get details about their services on their website.

5. World Computer Exchange

You can donate your old computers to World Computer Exchange because they refurbished them and loaded them with educational content. To provide education and support to the students in schools, clubs, etc. they provide refurbished computers. Its purpose is to reduce the digital divide among youths. To get in-depth details, follow their website.

6. Computer with Causes

It is the organization that helps computer donors find the right place to donate their old computers. They help them in searching for computer donations near me via their website including museums, libraries, school historical societies, charitable foundations, etc. They also provide repair and refurbishing facilities.

7. Human-I-T

Human-I-T is a social enterprise and it works for a specific purpose. Its goal is to provide access to the technology and internet to those who are struggling to afford computers and other electronic devices. Also, they focus on the elimination of the e-waste. They accept all kinds of computers whether working or non-working because they believe they can repair them. After that, they distribute the donated computers to low-income families, people with disabilities, schools, etc. Get details from their official website.

8. Goodwill Industries

There are around 3,300 Goodwill stores present in North America. They accept old computers and laptops that are in good working condition. They train people for their jobs and other future endeavors. They provide the facility of clearing all your data from your hard drive. To get details about the stores of Goodwill Industries and their donation process, follow their official website.

9. Digitunity

Digitunity is a not-for-profit organization that provides a database to connect donors and charities that provide computers to device-deficient families and individuals. The organization itself does not receive any donation rather it works as a platform where donors meet with the needy party directly. Its main purpose is to create digital equity across United States households. You can get up-to-date details on the website of Digitunity.

10. E-Stewards

You can donate your old and used computers to the e-stewards. It is the certification program that recycles electronic equipment because its purpose is to protect the environment. To meet high environmental and ethical standards they recycle your donated computers responsibly. To donate computers, get in-depth details from their website.

11. Freecycle

Freecycle is the online platform that bridges the gap between the donors and the needy party. You can post about your electronic items or computers on the website and find suitable traffic for the donation of your computers.

These are the old computer donation programs that ensure the right use of old computers. Before donating computers, review the guidelines and requirements of the donated organization so that your donation will not go to waste and can provide help to others.

Other Sources to Donate Old Computers

Along with these programs/organizations, you can donate your old computers to the local or nearby community centers. The small charities available in your locality near you that are willing to use old computers are as follows.

1. Schools and educational institutions

You can donate your old computers to schools and colleges because they may accept donations for the use of faculty and students. The colleges that have computer technical support programs need old computers as instructional machines to teach repair and other things.

2. Electronic Retailers

Some electronic retailers accept donations of old and used computers as they have various donation and recycling programs. You can reach out to the electronic stores in your area.

3. Youth clubs

The local youth clubs offer a variety of educational programs including computer labs for which they can accept the old computer donation. These clubs provide educational support to underprivileged students.

4. Technology-focused charities

Some charities that are focused on technology development and want to provide IT skills to students require computers. So, they accept donated computers under their specific policies.

5. Local libraries

Local libraries also accept donations of old computers. The individuals who do not have access to the internet and electronic devices, visit libraries for their work. Libraries provide computer and internet facilities to lower-income individuals who want to apply for jobs or browse the web.

So, computer donation includes these sources that accept old computers but you have to comply with their policies and procedures. Some accept only working computers and some accept non-working computers for recycling purposes. So, examine the needs of these centers and then follow the procedure.

Computer Donation Near Me

Computer donation near me includes various places where you can donate your old or used computers. You can explore your nearby area including unprivileged areas where people are facing a digital gap and are not able to access the technology, neighborhood public or private school that accepts your donation and for this, you can directly contact the school administration, public libraries, retail shops, etc. Before donating, you need to know about the needs and priorities of the party to whom you are donating whether they accept working or nonworking computers, their purpose whether they provide them to individuals who are in need, or whether they recycle or refurbish them. To get relevant references for donating a computer near me you can examine the business websites that provide you with independent references including websites and social media contacts. Then you can analyze whether you want to contact the individual directly or donate your computer to a charitable institution or organization.

What To Do Before Donating Computer?

To ensure the good condition of your computer before donating it to the recipient you have to perform these tasks.

  • Search for the recipient: Search for the organization that needs donated computers and the organization that made your requirements and focus area.
  • Provide necessary cables: Ensure that you provide all the necessary components with your computer that are required for proper working including power cords, and power adapter.
  • Perform check for damage: If you are donating your computer in a proper working condition then ensure that it has not any physical damage or issue. If any then disclose it in front of the recipient before donating.
  • Provide necessary details: You should discuss all the relevant details with the recipient including specification of the computer, processor model, storage capacity, RAM, and its functioning.
  • Perform the process of donation: Contact the recipient or the organization for the shipping details and confirm their requirement. At the end, offer a shipping facility or any other necessary arrangement if required.

Therefore, these are the tasks that you have to perform before donating a computer to the recipient. It ensures a safe and responsible donation.

Preparing A Computer For Donation

Before donating your laptops and desktop computers near me, you need to perform various tasks to secure your data. You have to make your computer in an appropriate state for donation for which you have to securely remove your data. The things that you have to perform to prepare a computer for donation are mentioned below.

  • Unlink Accounts: You need to sign out all your accounts including social media accounts, email, Google account, and the accounts on other online platforms. Don’t forget to unlink your account from a computer such as a WhatsApp account.
  • Perform data backup: Perform a backup of all your important files, documents, and photos that you want to keep with you. You can use cloud storage, or other computers for an external hard drive to store your data.
  • Sign out from apps and software: If you are using apps with licensing or subscription, make sure to sign out from the apps and software. Otherwise, you provide access to future users under your licensing.
  • Remove additional accessories or hardware: If you are using printer keyboard mice with your computer or laptop remove them because they have their separate value. You can donate them separately or can use them for your own.
  • Restore the operating system: You can reinstall the operating system. It ensures the clean state of your computer and that your data is appropriately wiped out.

So, these are the steps that you have to perform for preparing your computer for donation.


The old computer donation is an act of kindness that provides benefits to society as a whole. It contributes to the education of underprivileged students and recipients who are unable to afford laptops and computers. Donation of old computers also provides advantages to the environment, as it prevent soil pollution from heavy electronic metals and saves natural resources by reusing the computers. You can donate your old computers to a charity near your locality including schools, colleges, foundations, libraries, etc. Before donating, ensure that your computer is in working condition or in compliance with the organization’s policies and procedures. Must wipe out all the personal data from the computer before donating.

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