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Per Scholas Computer Donation

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Per Scholas is an American non-profit organization based in The Bronx, New York City. This non-profit organization is known for providing free or low-cost technology training and job placement services to individuals and communities in need. These organizations are generated for the welfare of society as they provide services and programs to support a particular class of society. Per Scholas accept computer donations and other technological devices to help the less fortunate people. Access to technology allows them to foster digital inclusion in the community. Per Scholas computer donation program’s main focus is addressing the gap of the digital divide and generating a footpath to technology careers for individuals in need who may face several obstacles to entering the technology workforce. Moreover, Per Scholas’s computer donation program offers free technology, job skills instruction, technical skills training, and personal growth to less fortunate people across the country. Now, let’s discuss the importance and procedure of computer donation to Per Scholas. Similarly, you can also donate computers to other organizations to support them with their objectives like Affinity Plus Computer Donation.

About Per Scholas

Per Scholas is a non-profit organization that offers technology education and job training to underserved communities for the welfare of society. The objective of the Per Scholas is to maintain manpower development by providing training programs that classify with the needs of the technology industry. This donation positively supports the less fortunate people and economic development. It has 21 educational locations throughout the United States. 

This non-profit organization is pivoted on serving its participants with significant employment in the technology sector. Per Scholas offers several programs such as free or low-cost training programs, IT support programs, software development, cybersecurity programs, etc to individuals involved in the following careers in the tech industry. This organization is committed to offering assistance and technological support to communities in need. Mainly these programs deal with technical skills, software skills, and industry certifications. 

What are the Importance of Per Scholas Computer Donations?

The Per Scholas computer donation makes a crucial contribution to the welfare of society as it offers access to technology for less fortunate people and communities in need. Here are some significant points that focus on the importance of computer donation. 

1. Skill Development

Per Scholas computer donation program is helpful for individuals to develop the digital skills that are essential to survive in the modern workforce. Less fortunate people will get access to computers and gain skills in software, coding, and other important technical field. 

2. Access to Technology

In the technological world, computers play an essential role in the job sector and education sector. Computer donation offers access to technology for individuals in need who may have no means to buy their own computer. Access to technology is crucial for participating in training programs and gaining digital skills in the modern market.

3. Empowerment of Community

Computer donation programs impact the empowerment of the community. This program supports the less fortunate people to gain technical skills and provides access to opportunities in the technological sector. Donated computers have a positive impact on the development of community and economic growth. 

4. Job Placement

In the digital era, computers are significant for the job sector. Access to technology and computers provides job placement to individuals and helps them to build portfolios. It facilitates the individuals and prepares them for industry certifications. Computer donation programs enhance employability in the modern workforce.

Therefore, the Per Scholas computer donation plays an important role in community development, providing education opportunities to less fortunate students, empowering individuals with relevant skills, and helping organizations meet their requirements. 

What is the Procedure of the Per Scholas for Accepting Computer Donations?

The procedure for accepting computer donations at Per Scholas is based on the policies and location. You can visit their official website for up-to-date information. Donating computers is a great way to make a positive impact on your community. Here are typical steps involved in the procedure of donating computers to Per Scholas:

  • First, you need to contact Per Scholas through their official website to show your interest in donating computers. After that, for donation, you have to follow all the donation criteria of the organization. 
  • The next step is to gather all important accessories including the mouse and cables then ensure that everything meets with Per Scholas’s particular requirements. 
  • Afterward, visit the Per Scholas official website and fill out the donation application. In the application, you are required to fill out all the details about the computer you are donating and other relevant details about yourself.
  • In the end, after completing all the procedures of computer donation, don’t forget to ask for a donation receipt for tax purposes. In case, any additional information is needed they will contact you and for this, you need to be active with your contact details.  
  • In the end, after confirming your donation, they will organize pick-up and drop-off services depending on your location.

How Less Fortunate People Obtain Assistance from the Per Scholas?

The Per Scholas provides assistance and technical services to less fortunate people through its various initiatives and programs. The needy people can obtain assistance like job placement, software skill development, personal growth, career development, financial assistance, enhanced technical skills, and many more. Per Scholas supports underserved communities to survive smoothly in the technological world. Less fortunate people can take advantage of Per Scholas by contacting their local educational branch because this organization provides computers and other support via educational institutions. The Per Scholas provide technical support by addressing both the instant and long-term needs of the individuals which support them in eliminating the barriers of technological access.


On the whole, Computer donation is a fantastic way to offer access to technology to less fortunate people and communities in need. Per Scholas supports individuals by providing free or low-cost tech training and computers. Per Scholas is a non-profit organization that provides several opportunities to less fortunate people which makes them capable of facing the obstacles of the technological world. The programs of this organization manage all the technological requirements that are important to develop digital skills. They aim to bridge the digital divide through technology education and job training. You can donate computers based on their acceptance criteria to maintain digitalization.

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