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Computer Donation in Cincinnati

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Free Computer Donation in Cincinnati – Cincinnati is a famous city in Ohio that is famous for its unique and delicious food. In the present era, computers play an important role in each sector of the world. It increases the competition in the whole world in the sectors of education, communication, health, business, etc. After Covid-19 digitalisation is at its peak. Still, in some rural areas of Cincinnati, the digital divide exists and multiple societal inequalities lie all around the city. Majorly low-income residents and underdeveloped communities face the consequences of digital imbalance. To deal with this issue and to create digital inclusion in the nation, various organizations and charitable trusts provide digital access to individuals through which they can connect themselves to the world. Students, industries, and businesses can participate in remote learning and remote opportunities. Now, here we will discuss all the detailed facts about the organizations that accept computer donations in Cincinnati. Also, let’s discuss how to donate computers. Similar to Cincinnati organizations, In Columbus Ohio, and Chicago, various organizations and programs work together to deal with the digital divide like Computer donations in Columbus Ohio, and Chicago

How to Donate Computers?

Rather than dumping into the trash, donating old and used computers is the best way to help the individuals or organizations who are in need. It is a good idea to donate your old computers because they impact society in various positive ways including environment protection, digital inclusion, and technology access. Now, the points that you should consider while donating your old computers are given below. To protect your personal information, you should remove it from your device and save it in another device or area for further use. To prepare your device for donation follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Perform backup: Before donating, be sure to backup your documents, photos, and other important information that you need to access shortly. You can store the data in any new device, cloud storage, online in any secure location, external hard drive, or thumb drive. 
  • Delete or erase the data: After getting a backup, you should delete all the data from your old computer. You can use the erasure tools as well for more security. The data includes your files, folders, and photos. Along with these, you should clear your browser history to protect your activities. 
  • Uninstall apps and programs: Uninstall all the programs and apps that have access to your data and contain your personal information. Firstly, log out from all the apps and accounts then delete the apps. For example, social media apps like WhatsApp, Amazon, Hotstar, etc. 
  • Wipe your hard drive: After deleting all the data, remove your hard drive or wipe off your hard drive using either internal or external tools. Sometimes you delete the data but the deleted data have access to your information. So for the deep cleaning uninstall the operating system. After that install the new one for the new user. 
  • Factory reset: At the end, to ensure that everything is removed perfectly, perform factory resetting which should eliminate anything that is left on your device.

After following the above-mentioned steps your computer is ready to go in the hands of the new user. The new operating system ensures the smooth working of your old computer and does not create any hurdles for the new user.

Organizations and Programs that Accept Computer Donations in Cincinnati

Some of the topmost organizations that support computer donation in Cincinnati are mentioned below. Before selecting the organization, check their policies, requirements, and availability. To get up-to-date details and information contact them directly through their website. 

1. Cincinnati Computer Cooperative (CCC)

Cincinnati Computer Cooperative is an organization that accepts computer donations from individuals and companies to provide technological access to low-income families, students, and nonprofits who don’t have the resources to invest in digital technology. They provide access to computers to support higher education and better career opportunities. Also, to protect the natural resources and environment they provide recycling services and prevent contamination of soil. Their reusing and recycling techniques of electronic items divert electronic waste and reduce their impact on the environment and the lives of individuals. They also provide tax deduction facilities to the donors of the computers. So, to donate old computers for societal development, you can schedule your pick-up and drop-off based on your location and time with the organizations. 

2. Goodwill Industry Cincinnati

The branches of the goodwill industry provide help to individuals with disabilities, veterans, and others. They accept computer donations and then provide to the individual to enrich their life with technological advancement. They often refurbish and resell electronics to support the job training programs.

3. Crayons to Computers

Crayons to Computers is a non-profit organization that supports classroom learning of students by providing technology access with the help of computers and the Internet. As it is a charitable organization, it accepts computer donations from individuals and companies. They provide various training programs for the teachers as well to bridge the gap of the digital divide. 

4. Cincinnati Public Schools

The public schools of Cincinnati provide technology opportunities to prepare the students for life. Their focus is on the academic achievement, personal well-being, and career readiness of the students. They accept old computers and items that are valuable for the school curriculum. 

5. Computer with Causes

The purpose of Computer with Causes is to provide donated computers to low-income families, schools, and underprivileged sections of society. They accept all types of donations including working and non-working computers. Along with the refurbishing, they are also indulging in recycling services. 

With the help of these organizations, you can contribute to the development of society. Your donation contributes to the economic development of the nation as it generates various employment opportunities.


Computer donation makes a significant difference in the lives of individuals who do not have access to technology. Before donating computers you should evaluate the criteria of the organizations that your donation meets their specification and will be put to good use. You can contact the organization directly to confirm their policies and requirements. Some organization provide refurbishing services that improves the workability of the computers and some provide recycling services that help in the disposal of the old computers. 

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