How to get free magazines to donate
How to get free magazines to donate

How to Get Free Magazines to Donate -Donate Magazine

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How to Get Free Magazines to Donate -Donate Magazine : Decide what you need. Before approaching someone, make sure you know exactly what you want to be given and the number of magazines you need. If you are looking for old or used magazines for a project, consider the number of students who will be working on this project. Similarly, if you want to sell donated magazine subscriptions calculate how many people could subscribe based on the size of your community and the number of participants in previous fundraising events.

Reach out to local businesses. While large companies may have more money, they also have less chance of serving the special needs of their community. If you need remaindered magazines for art projects (and it doesn’t matter what old or used magazines are) looking for donations or subscriptions, the best solution is to find a locally published magazine. Many communities, including small towns and suburbs, have a local magazine that covers regional events and people.

Create a proposal for local companies. Introduce yourself and your project. If you work as a teacher or on behalf of another organization, be sure to mention this immediately. Describe the project you have in mind and its intended effect on your community. Ask the contribution is necessary, it is clear to explain the benefits of the organization and for the donor. You could offer to put your logo on all promotional material, for example.

Follow-up with companies. Wait at least a week after sending your material, call your contact at the organization approached. Be courteous and just want to touch the base of the proposal you submitted last week. If the company is concerned, go on to discuss the logistics of your revised donation, if not, search for another local publication approach.

Where can I donate my used books?

You may have asked yourself the same question on more than one occasion. If so, or if any of your friends or family have numerous copies taking root in their home, we show you some alternatives to donate your used books.

AIDA Books & More

It is the charity bookstore of the  AIDA Aid, Exchange, and Development Association, which allows, through the donation of books and their subsequent sale, to obtain financial financing to carry out their cooperative work in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

It has altruistic bookstores in Barcelona, ​​Castellón, Madrid, Santander, Segovia, and Valencia, where you can carry all your old volumes with a single exception: encyclopedias.

Melior Foundation

It is the initiative created by the Melior Foundation with the aim of raising funds for its solidarity projects such as the collection of material and school books for families with limited resources, through the sale of copies that have been donated, at the same time as They contribute to promoting environmental respect among citizens.

Part of the donated books is destined to the reading center of the Ventilla neighborhood and to the implementation of libraries in disadvantaged places in Peru.

You can take your used volumes to the Foundation headquarters or whenever you previously contact them at any of their solidarity bookstores in Madrid.

National library

This private non-profit association aims to promote access to the world of reading to as many people as possible. For this, it has Many Centers in the USA where you can leave your volumes, and if you wish, take others for the amount you consider appropriate.

They accept all kinds of used copies, allocating the outdated or without use options to associations that use paper to carry out their activities. In addition, they collaborate in the creation of libraries through other organizations.

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