How To Get a Free Donated Laptop

How To Get a Free Donated Laptop

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How To Get a Free Donated Laptop –  Laptop Donations are a bit underrated and sound too good to be true, but there are various ways to get these portable computers for almost free or cheap if you chalk out all the options available out there. If you’re on a budget and willing to accept computers that are quite old or refurbished, you might get a better shot at getting one for free than going through the trouble of looking for a new one.  Just follow the steps below to get a free donated laptop.

Steps To Get a Free Donated Laptop 

Step – 1 : 

One of the easiest ways of achieving a donated laptop for free would be to look for “technology reuse” or “refurbish non – profits” near you. Call them to see whether they refurbish laptops and how would you get yourself one, being on their list. For example, “Empower Up” ( rebuilds computers and then donates them to Clark County, Washington Residents, etc. 

Step – 2 :

Search for “” for donation offers near you, or request a laptop donation. Someone looking forward to donating a functional laptop may see your request and respond, via which you can negotiate the entire transaction from there. 

Step – 3 : 

Another option regarding this matter would be to look for “Electronic Waste Recycling for Computers”, where you can inquire about the equipment brought there. You might avail a functional laptop or laptop parts when someone recycles their old computer. 

Step – 4 : 

You can also apply for a laptop through the “Computer Recycling Centre” (, where you can call up or write a letter requesting for the specific Information you are looking for. 

Other Technology Donations That Offer Donated Laptops

If You are looking for technology donations for Non – Profit Organisations, “Getgovtgrants” is one of the best websites out there for such requirements.  Since it’s impossible to operate a modern – day Non profit organization without leveraging technology, also given the fact that budgets are perpetually tight.. In “GetGovtGrants” you will be able to get all sources of information that might help you in getting the right knowledge.

Donated Free P.C. Or Laptops 

Refurbished Laptops Computers of various brands and computers are available on this site, with built – in Webcams and enough storage and power to run most software Programs. Moreover, they come included with a Microsoft Office Software package to run Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. 

Donated free Wifi System

Scalable and flexible “Mesh WiFi” systems that blankets the home or office in fast and reliable coverage are also available on this website. It’s a good substitute for Tradition Router. Mesh WiFi provides better coverage than a traditional WiFi by using multiple WiFi points together to create a concrete connected system that provides a strong Signal. 

Donated free Wireless bluetooth earbuds

Wireless earbuds are common these days among people working for different sectors as it enables you to talk and take phone calls with high – quality audio. It is used mostly because of its customized nature as you don’t have to go through the trouble of having tangled cables. Such devices are also donated to this website. 

Donated free Infrared forehead thermometer 

These are no-touch thermometers that are designed for detecting adult and children’s fever at home, clinics, physician’s offices, schools, daycares and work. They feature a fever alarm and black-lit display. CVS Health and CarMax are one of the many donors of such devices.

Donated free Office Equipment

In addition to laptops, a lot of refurbished computer monitors, keyboards, printers, routers and tablets are available.. A professional refurbishing company like Beacon” is one of the main partners  to ensure quality and warranty. 

Donated free Software

Other than Microsoft Office, no other Software is provided but however, many software companies do offer discounts for nonprofits and charities. Check their website to avail further details regarding this topic.  It is important to ensure that you get the “right products at the right time”. Visit their site for registration of your company, and avail all they have to offer.

Bottom Line

I hope the article has provided you with all the information on how to get a free donated laptop. There are also students that are searching on how to get a free laptop for students. Apart from that you can also get a free laptop from Amazon, all you need to do is follow a few steps. To get a free donated laptop, just follow the steps that have been mentioned in this article and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I ask for a laptop donation?

The most simple thing that you can do to apply for a laptop is by visiting Computer Recycling Center Here free laptops are provided to the foster youth, teachers and elders.

What brand of laptops can I get?

There are different brands of laptops but remember that you will only get those brands that are available at the moment with the charities, non profit organization or from any particular sources that is providing your with a free laptop.

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