Where Can I Donate Books?

Where Can I Donate Books?

Where To Donate Books for money or help others? – It is an old saying that books are our best friends. We can read books in happiness, when you are sad, when no one is there, when you want to gain knowledge, when you want to laugh while traveling, when you want entertainment, after a hectic day, etc., every time a book is there with you. Everyone deserves this friend and everyone wants to get knowledge, but there are many people who want to read books but they don’t have books to read or they don’t have money to buy them. 

We usually read books and then think that there is no use for those books. But did you ever think about how useful those not-useful-for-you books can be for others? Your used books can change many lives and can be a reason for millions of smiles. And if you have this kind of book, which are of no use to you, then you can think of donating them. And to know more about it, read our article till the end.


Where Can I Donate Books?

Do you have some extra books at home and you need to empty your space to purchase more books? A donation is the best option for you. There will be two benefits of donating them- Your almirah will be empty and the other person can avail of the benefits from these donated books. 

From our childhood, we have started learning with the help of books. As library professionals, the authors have seen many instances where People want to donate books to libraries, but the libraries where they are located are not accepting donations. In this case, you must search for the charities or libraries, that accept them.

You can search for some good places to donate near you and start donating them. To know about these places to donate books, you must search where can I donate books. There are some places or charities, that accept these donations. A few of them are-


The number one name, which comes on our list is Goodwill. Goodwill is a very popular organization and famous for accepting old clothes. But there is good news that it accepts old books as well. 

Books are sources of information from very early times. Still, they are considered a Medium to spread education to the people. 


The second name on our list is Library. Many libraries also weed out books due to a lack of space. Which are still in good condition. On the contrary, there are many instances where people Many schools do not have money to procure books, and many libraries also run out of budget and can’t Procure books. 

It’s always wonderful to give back because libraries allow us to read books for free. The Friends of the Library organization typically organizes special book sales to raise money for the little free library.

The Salvation Army

Many people are interested in reading, but due to a lack of money, they cannot purchase and read them. Many NGOs exist that run programs like Donate-A-Book. And the third name on this list is the Salvation Army

It is one of the biggest benefactors of social assistance worldwide. Adult Rehabilitation Centers, where those struggling with addiction can receive assistance, hope, and a second chance at life, are supported by the sales from their stores.

Daycare Centers and Schools

The next name on our list is Daycare Centers and Schools. Your neighborhood’s schools and daycare facilities occasionally accept book donations. Donations are always welcome because many teachers and childcare providers fund their classroom libraries with their own money.

Are you interested in donating your books and other stuff? Then, you must contact schools and other daycare centers to donate them. Your donations will likely have the biggest impact on school-based groups if you’re already active in those and know of any that could use books. 


You may contact prisons also to donate your old books. In order to aid inmate education and provide them with access to reading material, prisons have libraries. Books are constantly in short supply in these libraries. And before donation, know everything about where can I donate used books.

Several initiatives, such as the Prison Book Program, and Books to Prisoners, are currently collecting second-hand books to deliver to prisons. These groups will assemble donated books and provide them to prisoners. You may donate your old dictionaries, textbooks, grammar and history books, guides, and many other books. 

Kids Need to Read

Another name on our donated places list is Kids need to Read. It helps and encourages kids and other people to read books. You may donate your old and unneeded books and magazines there. And they will happily accept them, as they encourage kids from KG to the high school level to read books.

But before donating them, make sure your kids must not have made some kind of drawing or written something on them. As they need new or new-alike books for their foundation. And to know more about these, you must know where to donate children’s books, and this is one of them charity, which is accepting them.

Vietnam Veterans of America

The non-profit organization- VVA is dedicated to meeting the needs of veterans. It is financed independently of all other government agencies. So, you may contact them, ask about their requirements for books and start donating them. 

Local Theatres

You may consult your local theatre and museum if your books are historical in nature. Books can be displayed as exhibits in nearby museums or used as props in plays. By donating your books there also, you can help needy people and kids. Just search for these local theatres and talk to them. They may arrange a pickup facility for you.


The next name on our list is Bookmooch. It is a community for swapping second-hand books if you want to get books in return for your donation. Here you can get books in the place of your old books.

African Library Project

To donate your old books, ALP may be one of the best options, which is committed to establishing libraries in Africa and coordinates the shipping of gently used books through book drives in the US. You can look for a nearby book drive or, even better, start your own.

Search for some nearby African library projects and donate your old books there. 

Retirement homes

Another name on our list is Retirement Homes. As with the other options on this list, make sure to contact and ask about the amount of need right now to make sure your donation won’t be a burden.

Contact some retirement homes nearby and ask about their requirements. They will tell you everything and resolve your all queries. 

Local Museums & Other Cultural Organizations

If you have some extra history books and want to donate them, then Local Museums & Other Cultural Organizations can be the best option for you. Inquire with regional museums, historical societies, colleges, and performing arts organizations to see whether any of your books have historical or cultural importance that goes beyond just being classics. 

How to donate books

When you have extra and unneeded books with you, and thinking to throw them or discard them, then there is a better option for that. You can donate them. Donation is another name for helping the poor kids who can’t purchase books due to some reasons. But before that, you must know how to donate books. In fact, calling them is the best option beforehand only, because most foundations have limited time to meet people and accept donations as well.

Other advantages of giving outdated books include lowering the carbon footprint of the giver and minimizing the rate of expansion of landfills worldwide. So, whenever you think of donating books, just search book donation centers around you and contact them. You may ask which kind of books they are accepting and start donating your old and unneeded books. They may even help you by providing the pickup facility of your donated books.


Books play a significant role in our lives, and many of us still have trouble deciding what to do with used books. When we decide it’s time to let them go, we want to be sure they’re going to a great home where they can carry on enhancing and bettering the lives of others. The donation has benefits for both donor and the receiver both. With the help of your donated books, receiver kids and people can read books and get profits from them.

 We just suggested a few names, who accept these books donations. And apart from these, you may ask around and search on google where can I donate books. Get their number, contact them and that’s it. Most of the foundations provide a pick-up facility as well. So, ask everything before donating them.



Q1 Where can I donate used books?

There are so many places and options in which you can get to donate books. There are so many shops as well, which take used books to sell them at discounted rates. Also, there are many NGOs who take used books and give them to needy people. You can register yourself for an online book donation. 

Q2 Where can I donate children’s books?

Register yourself with some online sites or physically, you can donate books that are worth reading for kids. You can donate to a school, college, university, organization, etc. Like books, picture books, fiction, and some course-related books. The books would be sorted into different libraries and age groups by NGO. Donors may get e-certificates and letters of appreciation for all their amazing efforts. 

Q3 How to donate books to the library?

If you have unneeded books to donate, you may contact your local public library. Many libraries, or friends of the library groups, have regular book sales and welcome appropriate materials for resale. Libraries typically have donation guidelines posted on their website; others you will need to contact by phone. Most public libraries accept gift books with the proviso that the library is free to decide whether to keep the book in the library’s collection. 

Q4 How to Donate Books Online?

When you want to do something good, it is not necessary to step out. You can do the donation online as well. All you need to do is just sit on the sofa, open the website, register yourself and fill in all the required information. Then get the books ready and packed, take the print-outs, and hand over the books to the concerned person at your doorstep.

Q5 How to donate books to prison?

Books Behind Bars is an organization, that provides a list of prisons that accept books. Kindly send books directly to the prison. There is one more foundation, named -Books Inside, which collects, processes & hand picks titles for used book distribution to prison libraries around the country. The third name is -Books through the Bars-Check website for current needs but usually trade skills, puzzle books, dictionaries, instructional art, etc. And there are other names also, which accept these books- such as Books to Prisoners, Inside Books Project, LGBTQ Books to Prisoners, Accepts book donations by mail, and Women’s Prison Book Project (WPBP).

Q6 How to book donations in accounting?

We can book it through Debit Cash (asset) CREDIT Donation received (income). This is to show the asset has increased and the income has been recorded. Another option for this is- Credit Cash and Debit Land as an asset. 

Q7 How to donate books to the Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army first accepts and then recycles the used donations it receives to reclaim lives. You just have to get their number by asking around on through net. And contact them as soon as you make a program to donate books. They may arrange a Pickup facility for you.

Q8 How do you value donated books for tax purposes?

If you don’t like dusting off your old books and other stuff, and like saving money on your taxes, donating them could save you hassle and money. However, if you don’t meet the criteria and record-keeping requirements, the Internal Revenue Service might not let you claim an income tax deduction.

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