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Nowadays, people change their computers more frequently due to rapid technological change. Donations to charitable organizations and needy individuals are one of the best ways of getting rid of old computers, laptops, and tablets. You can donate your old computers and used computer parts to non-profit organizations that accept second-hand computers and parts. Some organizations use the parts in manufacturing different or new products. There are numerous uses of unwanted computer parts so rather than discarding your old computers into the trash, donate them to the organizations according to their work. To help you understand the parts of the computer that can be used for many other purposes we will discuss where you can donate computer parts including charities and nearby places.

Donate Old Computer Parts

You should donate your old computer including its parts rather than dump them into the landfills. You can donate your computer to a charity that offers it to those who need it including nonprofits, community centers, and the less fortunate individuals. Also, you can donate your computer to an electronic waste recycling company. The list of the parts that can be donated and accepted by the companies to make up a new computer or other electronic equipment includes motherboard, (CPU) central processing unit, (GPU) graphics processing unit, (RAM) random access memory, hard disc drive, and other computer accessories include a keyboard, mouse, printer, external webcams, external hard drive, and microphones.

There are a lot of benefits of donating computer parts to charities and electronic waste recycling companies and some of them are as follows.

  • It preserves the environment because recycling keeps away harmful materials from landfills, soil, and water tables.
  • Recycling is important to end the effect of harmful substances such as lead and mercury on water and the food chain as it happens due to soil contamination. Thus, donation to recycling centers is an environmentally safe way to reuse old computer parts.
  • Computer parts donations to charities provide training and technical support to those who have limited access to technology.
  • It empowers education as it provides various opportunities for schools and educational institutions to establish labs and learning facilities for students that make them capable of using their full potential.
  • It closes the economic disparity as it increases the opportunities of employment for the less fortunate people and the employment stability positively impacts the economic structure of the country.

So, computer parts donation makes a positive impact on society as it provides opportunities to less fortunate people in the sector of employment and education. It provides digital access which makes a social change and creates a sustainable future for every individual.

Where Can I Donate Computer Parts?

If you want to create digital inclusion with environment protection and for this, you are keen to know where to donate computer parts, here is the answer. The places through which you can contribute to support social causes include community centers, local libraries, youth organizations, local schools, educational institutions and foundations, charities, non-profit organizations, local communities, environmental organizations, online platforms, etc. Here, we will discuss the charitable organizations that support the computer donation including their parts in detail later in the section on the charities.

Before donating, you need to consider some points that contact the recipient that can value your donation and align with your needs, ensure that you erase all your personal data from the computer, state the functionality and condition of your computer and computer parts beforehand, and after donating, if possible try to collect the receipts of your donation that can help you in your tax deductions as it acknowledges about your contribution.

Donate Computer Parts to Charity

The unique charities that accept the donation of computers and computer parts to provide access to the less fortunate people in this rapidly changing technology environment. Every charity has its own policies and procedures because some accept donations to turn them into new equipment and some accept to use them as it is. Some sell them to the recycling centers including their parts to earn some money. From that money, they fulfill their charitable endeavors. Now, let’s understand their mission and vision.

1. PCs for People

PCs for People is the quality that provides electronic recycling services for businesses and large corporations. They welcome the donation of computers and laptops under their electronic equipment including computer parts for refurbishment by which they turn them into working computers for less fortunate people. By contacting them, you can book your free pick-up slot with them.

2. National Cristina Foundation

National Cristina Foundation bridges the gap of the digital divide and creates a platform between the donor and the local charities that need technological donations. They support the concept of reusing technology products for which they accept the donation of computers and computer parts. You can contact the foundation directly if you want to donate a large portion of the technology consisting of computers and other electrical devices.

3. Donation Town

Donation Town is a charity that supports various kinds of donations around the country to support underserved communities. The charity works with national charities including the Salvation Army and Goodwill. You can schedule your free donation pickup for computers and computer parts with the help of their online website by using computers or mobile devices.

4. Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries accepts the donation of used and old computers including computer parts but only if they are in good condition. They run a lot of thrift stores in the whole United States and through these stores, they sell electronic items at reasonable prices. The funds that they receive from the stores, utilize them for organizing training programs that can help people in getting new jobs and careers.

5. World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange accepts the donation of computer parts to refurbish them for new devices and computers to load educational content that can help students get access to the latest educational content. They donate computers to empower youths through which they can reach their full potential and contribute to the economy of the nation.

6. Computer with Causes

Computer with Causes is the organization that creates a platform between the donors and the recipients including the charities. They assist the donors in donating their used computer equipment and parts to those in need. They maintain contact with the repairing and refurbishing organizations and also organize shipments for donations. To provide benefits to the libraries, museums, and schools, you can donate your old computers to this charity.

7. FreeCycle

FreeCycle is an online platform to donate computers and other electronic equipment. This is the platform that works entirely for nonprofits where people can give and get stuff for free as it is all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. So, to join the worldwide sharing movement that reduces waste and saves precious resources, contact FreeCycle.

Therefore, a donation to these charities is an environmentally responsible alternative for getting rid of old computers and computer parts. If you want to know more about the donation of hardware and broken computers then you will get all the details in their respective articles with Donate Computer Hardware and Broken Computers.


Donate Computer Parts Near Me

You can find places near your locality to donate computer parts. Various organizations and charitable trusts accept donations of computers and computer parts for the development of the nation and to create a sustainable environment for future generations. If you are still looking for places where to donate old computer parts then here it is. The local charities that are available near me include schools (public and private), senior citizen centers, youth clubs, thrift stores operated by charitable organizations like Salvation Army and Goodwill, disaster relief agencies, and many more. Besides these places, you can also find various recycling stores and non-profit organizations that support the donation of computer parts such as Donation Town, National Cristina Foundation, World Computer Exchange, Computer with Causes, FreeCycle, etc. All these places are computer donations to provide access to technology in a way that promotes education and addresses the problem of environmental concern.


Hence, computer parts donation is one of the powerful ways to fulfill social responsibility as it is the liability of the citizens to contribute to economic growth. Computer parts donations preserve the environment from harmful material that may be dumped into landfills and contaminate soil and water tables. At the same time, it provides better education and employment opportunities for the less fortunate people which contributes to the steady development of the underprivileged children and youths. To donate computers and computer parts you can reach nearby places including schools, educational institutions and foundations, libraries, youth centers, and non-profit organizations such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, PCs for People, etc.


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