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In the modern age of technology, due to the upgradation and the modernization in techniques various electronic equipment come to its end of life which is termed as the waste of electrical and electronic equipment. Now, this electronic waste is one of the major environmental concerns as it impacts the environment very badly. Donating broken computers or old computers to recycling centers, organizations, or any other place is one of the most environmentally friendly options. The recycling centers separate the components of the computers that can be used in the new products and save the landfills from electronic dumping. Also, broken computers can be repaired at various retail and manufacturing shops which provide them a second life and can be suitable for many individuals who are unable to afford computers. So, to guide you with your broken computers that donation may impact the whole community positively, let’s explore how you can donate broken computers, what the need for donating broken computers, and the organizations that support the donation of broken computers.

Can You Donate a Broken Computer?

Yes, you can donate a broken computer. It might seem weird that you donate a non-functional computer but some various organizations and places accept broken computers due to several reasons. We will discuss the reasons later in this guide. Firstly, let’s understand the major supportive places for broken computers. It may be helpful for many of the individuals in the society who are unable to purchase these capital goods and consequently protects the environment as it reduces electronic waste.

1. Recycling Centers

Recycling centers welcome the donation of broken computers as they have expertise in dealing with broken electronic equipment. They can safely dismantle the equipment even with hazardous materials. Their purpose is to reduce the environmental impact and create a sustainable environment for future generations. So, you can search for the recycling centers that are available in your community for the donation of broken computers.

2. Refurbishment or Repair Shops

This is also one of the best options to donate broken computers as they repair the broken parts and make them functional. After the repair and maintenance, they sell them at low cost to nonprofit organizations that support the less fortunate people and the underserved communities. Refurbished computers fulfill the needs of the people and contribute to the environment as this procedure extends the life of the electronic devices.

3. Community Centers

Various community centers accept the donation of broken computers for purposes like providing technology to needy people and offering repair and maintenance skills by donating them to educational institutions. Many Institutions need broken computers to provide the repair skills to the students.

Therefore, by searching for these places you can donate your broken computers successfully as your contribution supports various educational initiatives, environment protection, and bridging the gap of the digital divide.

Instead of Throwing Them Away, Why Should You Donate Broken Computers?

You should not simply throw away the broken computers as it creates various problems for the nation including the environmental impact. When electronic equipment like computers are dumped into landfills, it releases heavy materials like mercury, lead, and arsenic which impacts the productivity of the soil, air, and water. If you donate them to recycling centers or other such places then it ensures various benefits. The socially responsible and sustainable ways of donating broken computers are as follows.

1. Increases the Lifespan of Electronic Devices

Broken computers are non-functional but sometimes some components are functional that can be prepared or used to make the new devices. The organizations that perform refurbishing can extend the life of the broken computers by repairing the parts. It provides computers at low cost to needy people and reduces the need to manufacture new devices which indirectly contributes to the sustainable environment.

2. Reduces Electronic Waste

Donating broken computers to the recycling center reduces electronic waste as they dispose of them with care and reduce the effect of hazardous materials and toxic chemicals. Proper disposal reduces the amount of electronic waste as various parts from the broken computer can be used as the raw material for other manufacturing devices.

3. Provide Technological Access

Some educational institutions and non-profit organizations rely on donations from the community, including broken, old, and outdated computers. They provide access to the students to learn essential technology skills. Some use broken computers to provide the learning of repairing and maintenance as some courses require non-functional computers and other devices.

In brief, you should donate broken computers instead of throwing them away as it maintains a sustainable environment, supports the development of the community by providing access to technology which provides valuable skills and employment opportunities to needy people, increases the lifespan of electronic devices, and many more. Broken computers play a pivotal role in maintaining digital inclusion in the community.

Organizations that Support the Donation of Broken Computers

The organizations and the recycling centers that accept the donation of broken computers for responsible refurbishing and recycling activities are as follows.

1. World Computer Exchange

WCE is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for several individuals by providing access to the technology for which they accept broken and old computers and provide them to needy people after performing refurbishment. Till now, WCE has provided technology access in 54 developing countries for the youths to gain digital literacy.

2. Free Geek

Free Geek works with several branches and they run various organizations and thrift stores at various places in the whole United States where they perform repurposing activities. For the repurposing of the old components they accept used, old, and broken computers. They want to provide sustainable reuse technology to the less fortunate people for their development.

3. Local Electronic Waste Recycling Centers

You can donate your old or broken computers to the local recycling centers that you may find in your locality in a nearby area. They perform recycling with responsibility with the experts to reduce the impact on the environment.

4. Best Buy

Best Buy is a recycling program that accepts broken computers with the help of their drop-off locations. This is the best place to donate your non-functional computer as they extract their functional parts and use them to make the other devices.

5. Digital Bridge

Digital Bridge is a global organization that works for the digital infrastructure and for this, they accept the donation of old computers including broken computers. They provide computers and funding to the companies that provide infrastructure solutions focused on next-generation digital infrastructure.

Before donating your broken computers to these places, research their acceptance policies and procedures. Most importantly, before donating your equipment ensure that you securely wipe your personal data which will not harm you in the future, and clearly state the condition of your computer.


Donation of broken computers might seem strange but it is worthy for various individuals and sectors. Broken computer donation addresses environmental concerns, creates digital inclusion, and empowers society. The most common places to donate broken computers are the recycling centers and the non-profit institutions that accept old and broken computers for educational purposes. Your one step forward to protect the environment by donating your broken computers creates a sustainable and equitable future for the upcoming generations.

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