donate christmas gifts to a family

Donate Christmas Gifts To A Family

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Christmas is known for its vibe that brings the spirit of love and kindness among people. Every year people wait for christmas so that they can spend quality time with their loved ones. It is a perfect festival that brings people together and spread positivity. It gives you the opportunity to shower love and care towards your dearest ones by surprising them with gifts. Christmas is the beautiful time of the year in which everyone is involved in decorations and shopping for the celebrations but there are some people who belong to underprivileged families and for them, christmas is not the same as others. It brings suffering as they are financially weak and have to sacrifice a lot to fulfill their basic necessities. They can’t even afford gifts and surprises for their family. For them, you can be their Santa and bless them with gifts and surprises by donating used and slightly used items as gifts. Various organizations work for similar causes in which you can donate gifts for families who are in need of them. Moreover, your donations have a significant impact on them and help in reducing the burden of buying gifts on them. 

Organizations That Donate Christmas Gifts To Families

Donation organizations bridge the gap between donors and recipients. Generally, these organizations work all year round but they become more active during christmas and holidays. They understand the sufferings of the families and aim to make their christmas a little better by donating gifts and surprises to them. There are various organizations that work for the cause but here are some of the trusted and recognized organizations that donate christmas gifts to families. 

1. Santa’s Helpers

Santa’s Helpers is an organization that works on a charity basis and allows volunteer involvement. Anyone can volunteer and take part in the donations and distribution process. They collect gift donations for the families who are in need of them. Just like their name, they act as a helper of Santa who distributes gifts and presents to the families during christmas. They even offer meals, toys, and other utilities for families who are suffering from the financial crisis. 

2. Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the best organizations in the world working for underprivileged families. It is a children-oriented organization that not only works during christmas but it also remains active throughout the year. It accepts toys and gift donations and even helps underprivileged children get medical treatment to get rid of their sufferings. Moreover, its donation camps remain active even after christmas so that families can get donations anytime they want.   

3. United Way

United Way is a global level organization that works for multiple causes such as poverty, hunger, and education. They also serve underprivileged families during christmas and donate christmas gifts to those families who can’t afford such gifts. Not only this, but United Way also collaborates with various other organizations to work on the grassroots level and serve more families. It also has a christmas assistance program that majorly helps families in need during christmas

4. One Simple Wish

One Simple Wish is an organization that brilliantly works to serve underprivileged families. It helps parents to get desired gifts for their children. All they need is to reach their official site and make a wishlist of the gifts they want to get for their children this christmas and according to the list, organizations send gifts to the families. It can be any donatable item such as toys, books, clothes, and other utilities.    

5. Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse is a Christian relief organization known for its one of the best donation programs which is known by the name Operation Christmas Child. In which they donate small wrapped shoe boxes filled with toys, gifts, books, gift cards, etc donated by people to needy families during christmas. This organization even accepts monetary donations to financially help low-income families.   

6. Be An Elf

Be An Elf is a christmas charity that was started in 2004. It is now serving thousands of families every year who are suffering from the financial crisis. It is basically a nonprofit group that totally works on a volunteer basis. Anyone can donate gifts on their official website but the interesting thing is that families who are in need of donations can also seek help by visiting the official site of Be An Elf.

So these are some organizations that solely work to serve families during christmas. The motive of these organizations is to create a moment of joy for families suffering from poverty and hardships. You can rely on these trusted organizations with your donations and they will deliver it to the worthy and needy recipients with proper transparency. If not with donations you can even work as a volunteer in these organizations and show your support towards the cause.   

What Are The Different Ways By Which Families Can Get Gift  Donations During Christmas? 

Families who are in need of donations need to check out every possible way to get the donations Christmas gifts donations. There are various opportunities for underprivileged families to get gift donations but it depends on them how quickly they grab these opportunities. During christmas organizations work relentlessly to serve these families. Some organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation, United Way, One Simple Wish, Santa’s Helper, Samaritan’s Purse, and more launch gift drives and various donation programs for such families. They set up various pick-up and drop-off locations from where these families can redeem their gifts and surprises donated by the people. Along with this, there are various other destinations that families should check out for donations. These destinations include community centers, shelters, Charity hospitals, religious centers, etc.

Moreover, families can even reach out directly to the organizations to seek help. Also, these families can interact with the organization by visiting their official site and asking for help. Organizations respond quickly to these help requests and send donations to needy families     


Overall, gift donations hold a special place in the hearts of families who are not able to afford those gifts. These gifts donations are not just donations and besides materialistic value, they have an emotional aspect as these donations give a ray of hope for the families who are suffering financially during christmas. These gifts and donations are the reasons that underprivileged families can have a sense of relief during hardships. You can either donate gifts with the help of donation organizations or you can even help these organizations by working voluntarily for them. Either way, your support is appreciated and is enough to brighten someone’s day.      

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