thank you letter for christmas gift donation

Thank you Letter for Christmas Gift Donation

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A thank you letter for a Christmas gift donation is one of the thoughtful and impactful gestures that is done by the receiver for the donor. It shows your gratitude and appreciation for the help that you receive from the donors. Your small gesture of thank you gives them the motivation and a feel-good factor for providing help in the near future. Your meaningful thank you letter can make a difference between a one-time donor and a regular donor. It helps the donors in making their decision to donate Christmas gifts to the specific organization. So, to guide you over the writing of the thank you letter we will discuss the need to write a thank you letter, different ways of thank you for gifts, and the points that must be in the thank you letter. All these things will help you in writing a concise and precise writing letter. 

What is the Need for a Thank You Letter for Christmas Gift Donations?

There are several reasons for writing a thank you letter and a thank you letter is not just a letter but also works as a confirmation letter that the gifts are properly received by the recipient. Let’s understand the need to write a thank you letter for Christmas gift donations.

1. Helpful in Expressing Gratitude 

It is your responsibility to express gratitude towards the contribution of the donor that they made the right decision to support you. Several other causes are available out there and from all of them they choose to support you and your family by donating Christmas gifts so for this you need to write a thank you letter to them. Your small gesture motivates them to provide gifts in the near future as well. 

2. Helps in Building a Strong Relationship with the Donor

Your thank you letter works as a piece of communication between you and the donor. You can easily interact with the help of a letter as it gives you the chance to express yourself and on the other hand, the donor can easily understand your feelings and needs. It inspires the donor, to donate Christmas gifts to the right organization or individual. 

3. Provide Value to the Donor’s Efforts

Without the support of the donors the organization will not achieve its objective of helping low-income families during Christmas and on the other hand, the low-income family people are unable to celebrate Christmas with joy. So, you should value the efforts of the donors, and your sincere sending of thank you letters could appreciate the donors.

So, to express gratitude and to value the efforts of the donors you need to write a thank you letter. 

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Different Ways and Types of Thank You Letter for Christmas Gift Donations

Several different ways are available to write a thank you letter for Christmas gift donation and some of these ways are as follows. You can adopt any method according to your convenience and according to the nature of the donor.

1. Thank You for a One-time Gift

You can send a thank you letter to the one-time gift donor in a physical form as it motivates them. Also, you can provide the tax receipt which helps them with their tax payment. 

2. Monthly Thankyou Letter for Recurring Gifts

You can send a monthly thank you letter for the recurring gift donors. Write a nice message while highlighting their efforts and how their donation impacts the lives of less fortunate people. 

3. Fundraiser’s

Be sure to send a thank you letter to the donor who participates in the fundraising events as they provide funds to support the organization’s objective. So, highlight their efforts by writing a personalized note that their donation will help them in the long run. 

4. Sponsors

The donors like big companies and businesses who sponsor the Christmas events that are organized by the organizations for the welfare of the fortunate people made a great contribution by sponsoring the cost of the event or drive. So don’t forget to send a thank you note to them as due to their help you are able to organize a successful event. 

5. Pledge Gift

Some donors make a pledge to send a certain amount of gifts for a certain number of years to the specific organization. So, according to their promise, if they send gifts then after every installment you should send a thank you note to them for showing their heartfelt gratitude. 

6. Online Donors

Send a thank you note to the online donors via email writing. Include the tax receipt which helps them with their tax payments. Also, mention their contribution in the letter and if you know about their family members, send a physical letter acknowledging their efforts and support. 

Therefore, these are the types of donations that the organization or an individual will get during Christmas. For all these donations, you need to send a thank you note to the donor that you can send via physical letter, email writing, phone call, and many more. 

Points To Be Included in the Thank You Letter of Christmas Gift Donations

The points that you need to include in the thank you letter are included here which will guide you with format and template. You can take complete help from this on how to start a thank you letter and how to end a thank you letter. Your beginning and ending make a significant impact on the donor. So, use your words concisely and precisely. 

1. Mention Donor’s Name

Always try to mention the name and other personal details of the donor in the thank you letter as it offers a different and personalized feeling to the donor that you value their support. If you use the phases like a dear friend then it may not create that impact as it is a very commonly used term. 

2. Send on Time

Don’t ever delay in sending the thank you letter as a prompt thank you letter makes a powerful impact and extends the good feelings of the donor for making a gift donation to the specific organization or an individual. Donors feel motivated and appreciated after getting a thank you note from the recipient.

3. Warm and Friendly Tone

Keep your tone warm and friendly while writing the thank you letter rather than rough and formal as it shows your behavior towards the donor that you respect their efforts. It all works in your favor as you will receive future donations as well.

4. Use Donor-focused Language

While writing the letter, focus on the language that uses words like you more than we or us because it highlights the importance of a donor. For example, phrases like thank you for your support, with your help, because of you, etc.

5. Reference of the History

If you receive a donation from the recurring donor then you have a good chance of writing an effective thank you letter as you can add their history in the letter which directly appreciates them. For giving them the references from history you can use phrases like since 2010, you have supported our community, etc.

6. Attach More Contact Details

While writing the thank you letter, you must include the sender’s information. Sometimes, the receiver of the letter may feel so good about your organization and want to learn more. So, to provide ease, attach all the links to your website, social media, and email.

7. Add Quotes and Stories

You can explain your feelings with the help of the stories and quotes in the thank you letter as it describes your true and exact emotions to the reader. It helps you in making your thank you letter effective.

8. Keep it Concise

Do not write a thank you letter of more than one or two pages. Use your words precisely and make them concise. It is tough to read a big block of text for the reader. So, to not lose the impact, wind up your thank you letter in three paragraphs including the introduction, body, and conclusion.

9. Provide Tax Receipts

You can provide tax receipts to the donors for the donation along with the thank you letter as it gives them the tax benefits which indirectly motivate them to donate Christmas gifts to your organization. Your tax receipt should include the name of the organization, donor, tax ID number, date, and amount.

Therefore, these are the points that must be in your thank you letter for Christmas gift donation. All these points make your letter effective and efficient.


Thank you letter for a Christmas gift donation to the donor plays an important role and makes a difference between the relationship of the donor and the receiver. Send a thank you letter to the donor which is well crafted, personalized, and makes a good impact on the donor. Use words and phrases that show your gratitude towards their efforts because you are unable to fulfill your objective without their support and help. Donors are the individuals who provide funds to your organization to support the community and less fortunate people during Christmas. In your thank you letter mention all the efforts of the donors and their impact on the underprivileged people and the organization as it appreciates them to do more in coming years.

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