Christmas toy donation programs

Christmas Toy Donation Programs 

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Donating toys to children during Christmas is one of the wonderful ways to spread joy and cheer and to make a positive and lasting impact on the kids. It makes the holiday season colorful, bright, and memorable for less fortunate children. Receiving toys and gifts at the time of Christmas gives relief to the parents that their child will have a gift to open on Christmas. Consequently, it alleviates stress and brings comfort during the times of hardship. It creates a sense of inclusion and ensures that the less fortunate children do not feel left out during the festive season of lights, gifts, and joy. Now, many of the people are unable to find the right place to donate toys. In this case, You have to visit your local places like schools, churches, hospitals, community centers, nonprofits, etc. Here, we will discuss the programs that support Christmas toy donations. All the relevant details along with the website links regarding the programs are attached here. 

What Toys Are Good to Donate?

It’s really hard to discover which toys are good to donate as most of the organizations do not discover their guidelines because it limits the scope of getting donations. They intentionally do not publish the list of recommended toys and the price range as the donor is free to donate as per their will and capacity. To get a fair idea, you can ask your young relatives about their choices. You can donate toys like basketball, soccer ball, football, board games, cars, dolls, trains, books, art supplies, stuffed animals, clothes for playing dress-up, restaurant play set, doctor set, puzzles, blocks, etc. All these items are good to donate but confirm the age group of the kids before donating toys. 

The toys that you should avoid donating to the charity include realistic-looking weapons and any gifts that contain food. Do not donate items that require additional supplies for example, if you are donating any toy that requires batteries, then it may be the case the family might not be able to afford the refills. So, at least attach one extra package of new batteries to the toy. Avoid donating DVDs, video games, and other gifts that require a certain kind of player. The games that require an internet connection could not be better for underprivileged people as they increase their expenses rather than fulfill their needs. So, before donating try to know about the needs and requirements of the program or organization. 

Programs that Support Toy Donation During Christmas

The list of programs that support toy donation during Christmas is attached below. You can consider these programs as they are available throughout The United States. The main purpose of these programs is to help underprivileged sections of our society during Christmas. They want to provide equal opportunity to the less fortunate kids for their development and welfare. So, if you want to fulfill your social responsibility by donating toys, these programs will support you. 

1. Toy for Tots

Toy for Tots is an organization that provides toys to needy children of the society during Christmas. The organization was set up by the Marine Corps Reserve, after realizing that no such organization supports the toys needed by the children during Christmas. They collected 5,000 toys from the local community and then formed a Foundation named Marine Toys for Tots. Each season, they distribute around 18 million toys during the holidays of Christmas. They collect only new and unwrapped toys due to safety and hygiene reasons. You can contribute to the organization by dropping off new toys at Toy for Tots. Along with the toys, any other thing that you feel is good for the kids can donate to them. 

2. Angel Tree

Angel Tree is a program that is run by the Salvation Army. Its purpose is to provide gifts and happiness to the children during Christmas. It provides Christmas gifts for thousands of children around the country each year. The children who want help from the Angel Tree have to register with their wish list for the Angel program. The list of the candidates will be shared with the donors in the community. The donors who want to help the needy children will purchase new clothes and toys and then distribute them to the families under their family Christmas tree. 

3. Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is the program that is run by the organization Samaritan’s Purse. They deliver shoe boxes to the children who are in need to provide joy and cheer during Christmas. The shoe boxes are filled with gifts, toys, and other items such as school supplies and personal care items. For fulfilling the shoe boxes, they are dependent upon the community. So, you can donate toys to this organization to support the program. By providing gifts, you are making a tangible expression of God’s immense love for the children. 

4. One Simple Wish

One Simple Wish is an organization that works to complete the wishes of children and change their lives. They believe that everyone can experience love, hope, and joy during the Christmas season. Especially those children who have been impacted by the trauma of foster care and childhood crisis. They accept toy donations from the community and organize toy drives during the Christmas season to support the children who are in need. 

5. Salvation Army

Salvation Army is an organization that not only works in the United States but works in 134 countries. Their objective is to the advancement of the Christian religion, education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objectives that are beneficial to society. To support the underprivileged section, they run various programs including the Angel Tree program during Christmas. They accept donations from the community and provide them to the needy individuals. You can make toy donations to the Salvation Army which is easily available in your locality. 

6. The Giving Tree Fundraiser

The Giving Tree Fundraiser provides opportunities to the community through their initiatives to make a lasting positive impact and for the growth of underprivileged children and families. They support the needs, ambitions, and talents of the children. They provide educational opportunities, and relief to the families who are suffering from any disaster, and assist people during their hardships. They provide toys to the children to make them smile at the time of Christmas.

7. Christmas SPIRIT Foundation

Christmas Spirit Foundation works to advance the Christmas spirit for kids, families, and the environment through its programs and activities. Trees for Troops is the program that continues to grow with this foundation. They generate a spirit of wanting to give and help the people who are in need among the privileged section. It is a charitable organization that depends upon the community for donations.

8. Action for Children

Action for Children is a program that works to provide a safe and loving childhood to children who are facing difficulties in their lives due to the lack of resources and finances. They organize various campaigns to bring lasting improvements in the lives of young people. They provide gifts, toys, and other items during Christmas to the children who are living in poverty. 

So, these are the programs that accept toy donations during Christmas. You can consider these places to donate toys to spread joy, love, and warmth during Christmas. Your donation can make a significant impact on the lives of the children who live in poverty and are unable to buy new things and items.


Christmas toy donation programs are designed to help individuals, families, and children who are suffering from the crisis and unable to buy new things and happiness for their kids. By supporting these programs, you can fulfill your social responsibility on the occasion of Christmas. You can enlighten the lives of the young ones during the festive holidays of Christmas by providing toys and other items for their use. You are not only contributing to the happiness but also to the development of the child. Everyone deserves to be happy at least at this time of the year. It is the festival of giving and sharing. The programs that support toy donations include Toy for Tots, Salvation Army, Angel Tree, One Simple Wish, etc. Before donating, don’t forget to consider their needs and requirements.

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