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How To Donate Computer In NJ – NJ refers to New Jersey which is the state situated in the Northeastern region and mid-Atlantic of the United States. New Jersey is also known as the garden state of the United States. In the recent world of digitalization, technology plays a vital role in the development of the state or country at the micro and macro levels including individuals, organizations, institutions, companies, etc. To catch up with the technology and the digital age computers along with the internet are very significant. It plays a crucial role in education and economic growth. A lot of communities and individuals in New Jersey face financial issues and due to this, they are unable to afford capital goods like computers. It prevents access to technology and computers which create a digital divide between individuals. To support this cause, various organizations and initiatives working together in New Jersey. Here, in this guide, we will discuss what the digital divide is, the impact of the digital divide in New Jersey, how computer donation bridges the gap of the digital divide, and the organizations that support computer donations in New Jersey. 

What is a Digital Divide?

The digital divide refers to the gap between individuals, demographics, and regions that have access and do not have access to modern information technology. Some people, institutions, and organizations do not have access to digital technology including the Internet, computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. To bridge the gap of this unequal access to digital technology various organizations offer programs for computer donations. The non-profit organizations provide old computers to needy individuals after refurbishing them or after uploading the educational modules to them according to their needs. The underprivileged area of society will get the opportunity to take part in the technological drive with the help of donated computers

What is the Impact of the Digital Divide in New Jersey?

The digital divide impacted the New Jersey state in a significant way because it created the education disparity and the economic inequality in the society. From an educational point of you, computers and internet access is very important and fundamental thing. Without computers and the internet, students are unable to complete their assignments, research, etc. For acquiring digital skills to get a job computers are one of the necessary things in today’s era. Now, this educational gap converted into economic inequalities because without digital skills students are unable to get jobs and employment opportunities to make their careers. Online training and remote job opportunities are possible only through the Internet and computers. The digital divide impacts the overall growth and the financial growth of the individuals, institutions, and organizations in New Jersey. To bridge the impact of the digital divide in New Jersey various organizations and institutions work together and start programs of donating computers. Now, let’s discuss the programs in organizations that accept computer donations and provide access to the technology. 

Computer Donation Programs/Institutions/Organizations in New Jersey

The organizations that are involved in the computer donation programs in New Jersey along with the refurbishment services and recycling services are mentioned below. These organizations aim to bridge the gap of the digital divide and provide equal access to technology. For up-to-date details, you can visit their official website because sometimes the details of the donation may be updated by the donor or the organization. 

1. Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey

The goodwill industry has various donation centers all around the United States including New Jersey. The Goodwill industry of southern New Jersey accepts computer donations of all types including working and non-working computers. The donation centers refurbish them and give them to people who need computers or sell them at affordable prices to low-income families or groups. They provide a pick-up and drop-off facility for the computers as well. You can contact them through their official website and decide the time of the pickup according to your convenience. 

2. National Cristina Foundation

National Christina Foundation creates a base between the donors and the needy people for the computer donation. They work as a platform where donors and non-profit organizations, schools, and individuals meet with each other to get access to the technology. It facilitates digitalization and provides chances for low-income groups to get digitalized. You can choose the right individual at your convenience for donating a computer where you feel that your donation doesn’t go to waste. 

3. JerseySTEM

In New Jersey, JerseySTEM is one of the non-profit organizations that serve their services to underprivileged children and individuals who are unable to afford the technology due to their capital expense. They accept computer donations from the donors and then distribute them to the students who are in genuine need. The main purpose is to provide access to STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.

4. Epilepsy Foundation in New Jersey

For the families that are impacted by Epilepsy in New Jersey, this Foundation provides various services and programs. They accept computer donations to support the affected people. They provide their services via providing educational activities, direct services, research, and advocacy. You can contact them through their website and can check all the updated details regarding their services. 

5. PCs for People New Jersey

PCs for People work to bridge the digital gap on the national level. It is a nonprofit organization that accepts computer donation and then refurbish them to make it usable. By providing technology devices and internet access to low-income families and individuals, they develop the nation. Sometimes, they offer computers at low cost as well. 

So, these are some epitomes that offer computer donations to the underprivileged section of the society in New Jersey for the development of the people and the society as a whole. If you want to contribute to the development of the society then you can contact them to donate your old computers. 


Donating computers to social causes is one of the best ways to help society without expecting anything in return. Providing access to technology in New Jersey creates various educational opportunities and economic opportunities for individuals and communities. To obtain the best results from your donation you can contact the organizations that support that technology in New Jersey.

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