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How To Donate Computer Donation in New York –  The individuals who have resources and can follow technological changes donate their laptops, computers, and other electronic devices to charities, organizations, institutions, etc. for the development of society. Many individuals and communities are facing the consequences of the digital divide due to a lack of resources and finances. They are unable to use digital technologies like the Internet and computers. To support the needy and underprivileged section of New York the charitable centers and organizations donate computers. The purpose of these organizations is to provide access to educational resources and the overall improvement of their lives. In this guide, you will learn the reasons for donating computers to Charity in New York, a charitable platform in New York that provides donations. 

Why do Individuals Donate Computers to Charity in New York?

The individuals who have enough resources donate their old computers to charity. It helps a lot of individuals by providing access to technology in different ways including distance learning, researching, socializing, etc. The schools that are in low-income communities and facing budget challenges are unable to provide access to technology to the students. The charitable organizations and trusts provide resources to them and ensure the learning of the students in New York. The basic reasons for computer donations include the following.

  • Community Impact: Donating computers to charity enhances the living standard of society. It can bridge the gap between the digital divide and provide various educational opportunities through online resources. 
  • Tax Deductions: Charitable donations provide various tax benefits to the individual. If the donor donates their computers to the registered charitable organization then they can deduct the fair market value of the computer from their taxable income. So, charitable donations offer tax deductions as well. 
  • Make a Difference: Computer donation programs make a huge difference in the lives of individuals who don’t have access to high-capital goods. It provides them with various learning and earning opportunities.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The concept of computer donation contributes to the environment because it extends the usable life of electronic devices. Due to this, fewer appliances are manufactured by the industries which leads to the saving of natural resources to some extent. It reduces electronic waste that leads to ending the process of landfills and reduces soil contamination. 

Therefore, these are the basic reasons for donating computers to charity in New York. Overall, it improved the technological and economic condition of New York. 

Charitable Organizations in New York That accept Computer Donation In Newyork

Some examples of charitable organizations are as follows through which you can donate your old computers to needy individuals in New York. These organizations accept donations and then provide to the underserved section of New York including schools, nonprofit centers, etc. Every organization has its policies for accepting donations. Some accept workable computers and some accept both workable and non-workable. Some organizations perform refurbishing activities and some add educational programs to make them workable for students.  

1. Kid Save 

Kidsave is a charitable organization that accepts the donation of computers to transform the lives of children. They help older kids in foster care and orphanages, help in finding families, etc. They take care of the children by providing them with all the support including educational, technological, etc. 

2. Givelify

Givelify is a charitable organization where people donate computers to do good to needy people. It is the most widely used platform that accepts charitable donations for nonprofits in New York.

3. Laptops for Kids

Laptopsforkids is a non-profit organization that donates laptops to New York kids who are in need as they support low-income families. It provides educational material for distance learning through donated computers. The main purpose is to provide digital literacy to economically underprivileged students. They believe every child has the right to achieve quality education and access to technology. 

4. We Care Act NYC

Wecareactnyc is a nonprofit organization committee in New York and its purpose is to empower underserved students by providing them with free or low-cost computers. They can accept computer donations from individuals who want to donate computers to charity. They believe in fostering digital literacy and for this, they provide access to personal digital devices to underserved students. 

5. World Computer Exchange (WCE)

WCE is an organization that works for social causes and provides access to technological advancement to individuals and communities in New York State. Its purpose is to create a platform where people can connect with technology to develop themselves. You can donate old or used computers to them via their programs on the official website

6. Goodwill

Goodwill is the industry that supports needy individuals, committees, institutions, etc. through their organizations in different states. New York is also under the developing state of the United States. As per the data, there are around 2.1 million people get benefits from the donation services of the goodwill. They accept both working and non-working computers and other electronic devices. They refurbish or resell the computers at low prices to support the individuals. 

7. Per Scholas

Per Scholas works to enhance economic equity via their technological training and career opportunities. You can get details about their training programs on the official website. They accept computer donations to support skilled individuals and training programs. 

So, these are some non-profit organizations that work for the welfare of the individuals of New York. You can donate computers to these organizations as they work for charitable purposes. Their main aim is to foster digital literacy by providing vast technological opportunities to young leaders.


Computer donation in New York is one of the best charitable contributions to society. It bridges the gap between the digital divide and provides access to technology including the Internet and computers. In today’s era, every educational program is connected to the internet and computers. For seeking good job opportunities, computer skills are very crucial. Your little donation may create an unforgettable impact on the underprivileged individuals and communities of New York. Computer donation provides various benefits including tax benefits, community development, saving natural resources, etc. 

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