christmas donation gifts for children

Christmas Donation Gifts for Children

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Christmas gifts play an important role in the lives of children as children love to receive gifts. Donating gifts to less fortunate children during Christmas brings a lot of positive energy, joy, and happiness to them as their parents are unable to provide them gifts and toys due to their financial condition or any other hardship. There are several different reasons behind donating gifts and to fulfill their reasons privileged people donate gifts. One major reason is to teach their children the value of giving to others and gifts for children may create a sense of excitement and enjoyment in their kids as children love to select presents for other children who are of their age. A lot of charities support the Christmas gift donation for children and provide them to needy children during Christmas. You can donate various things to the children as a Christmas gift and if you are donating it to a specific organization then you need to adhere to their guidelines. Here, to help you out we will discuss the charities that support Christmas gift donation during Christmas and about the things that you can donate to kids for their development and happiness. 

Christmas Gift Donation to Children

Christmas gift donation to children depends upon various factors that you should consider for a successful donation. You should donate gifts that do not harm the child in any way. If you are donating toys then prefer the stuffed and plush toys that can provide comfort to the kids and you should consider the age of the children as well. All toys are not suitable for all kids as infants and toddlers require different kinds of toys and kids above the age of five years require different kinds of toys and gifts.

Depending upon the age, for the children who are infants and toddlers, you can donate colorful and interactive books, blocks, shape sorters, stuffed animals, clothes, blankets, and baby care essential items like diapers, wipes, lotions, shampoo, etc. For the children who are preschoolers and school-aged children, you can donate gifts like crayons, coloring books, puzzles, building blocks, dresses, bicycles, balls, jump ropes, novels, educational books, sketchbooks, paint brushes, science experiment kits, soccer balls, etc. All these gifts are suitable for kids and health and in that development in various ways including mental, physical, cognitive, emotional, and many more. Along with this, to support the specific skills of the children, you can donate musical instruments, DIY chemistry sets, art class, and dance class passes, sporting events, coding classes, gym membership, etc. After all this, to donate a Christmas gift to a child, you have to check about the preferences and guidelines of the organizations through which you are going to donate gifts. 

Charities that Donate Gifts to Children at Christmas 

The charities that donate gifts to children at Christmas with the help of privileged people during Christmas are as follows. You can choose the charity according to your preference whose policies align with your goals. The vision and way of donating of every organization are different but the mission is the same, they work for the development of society.  

1. Pay Away the Layaway

Pay Away the Layaway is an organization whose mission is to inspire hope and spread kindness by providing gifts and money for purchasing gifts to low-income families and children. Thousand of families rely on the Layaway every year as they make a difference for over 10,000 families by providing presents during the Christmas holidays.

2. One Simple Wish 

One Simple Wish is to provide gifts to children during Christmas who are facing difficulties and abuse in foster care. They work to provide love and care to thousands of children by providing Christmas gifts that they need for a smooth living. With the help of this organization, you can fulfill the wishes of the older kids as well regarding their car payments or furniture items.

3. Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child provides gifts in packages of shoe boxes to the children that contain various items such as toys, candies, school supplies, hygiene items, etc. This program is operated by the organization Samaritan Purse in the whole United States and all the donations they receive from the community. 

4. Salvation Army 

Salvation Army works to help underprivileged families and children all year round and during the Christmas holidays, they provide their services through various programs including the Angel Tree program in which they collect tags through the Angel tree which contains the wishes of the children. Based on these wishes, the Salvation Army provides gifts to needy children from the donations that they receive at their drop-off locations.

5. Make A Wish Foundation

Make A Wish Foundation provides gifts to needy children not only at the time of christmas but the whole year round. They arrange their funds by doing partnerships with companies and businesses. The partnered companies can contribute according to the wishes they receive during christmas from the organization. Along with this, they accept donations from the community as well.

6. Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is an organization that donates toys to less fortunate children and families to spread christmas joy and hope. They collect only the toys that are new and unwrapped due to hygiene and safety issues. You can support them in various ways to achieve their objective as you can purchase toys from their stores and then can donate them to the local toy drop locations. Also, you can donate money as well through their website for the happiness of kids.

7. Operation Christmas Spirit

Operation Christmas Spirit is a program that supports the children of military families. They adopt the families of the military person and provide them with all the necessary support by providing them with gift cards. The families can redeem these gift cards according to their suitability. All this is possible only with the help of the donors. 

Therefore, these are the organizations that provide christmas donation gifts for children and these are the organizations that are easily accessible to low-income families and less fortunate people. They work to change the world. 


As you read the above article and learn about the Christmas donation gifts for children, what kinds of gifts you can donate during the Christmas holidays for the welfare of children? Your small amount of donation can make a positive impact on the lives of the children and provide them the opportunity to live a little. You can donate gifts according to the age group of the child and with the help of the organizations that work for the welfare of less fortunate families and children. By donating gifts you can support them with their objective and spread the positive in the community. Before donating gifts, ensure that your donation goes to the right cause and provide help to the specific child or family that can provide you the inner peace about spending your money in this way. In the end, donating to the kids is one of the most powerful and generous things that you can do on Christmas. 

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