Charities to donate toys to for christmas

Charities to Donate Toys to for Christmas 

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Donation is the act of giving without receiving anything in return. A charitable donation is a gift that is made by privileged people to non-profit organizations, to help them accomplish their goals. Their objective is to provide help to needy individuals or families. After donating for the welfare of society, donors receive nothing of value in return except intangible values like blessings and love. Donations for the betterment of society help the donors in various ways including tax benefits. So, to get monetary benefits from the donation to some extent, you can donate to support the social cause. Besides, it is a social responsibility as well to help the underprivileged section of society. Toy donation is relevant especially, at the time of Christmas as it spreads joy and cheer among the children and gives them a reason to celebrate it with their loved ones. Here, we will discuss the charities that support toy donations for Christmas. They accept it from the community and donate it to underprivileged individuals. 

Why Do Charities Accept Toy Donations?

Charities accept toy donations from the community to help the less fortunate people who are unable to afford such things due to the lack of resources and finances. Charities distribute the donated toys to orphanages, rescued child laborers, survivors of trafficking, daycare centers, hospitals where kids are suffering from life-threatening diseases, etc. 

One major objective of these charities is to unite the community and bridge some of the social, economic, and political gaps. Moreover, they want to teach lessons to the children about charity and the importance of giving to others, they want to provide the same level of joy and cheer to the less fortunate families during Christmas. For all these things, they accept old, new, wrapped, and unwrapped toys from the community and then make them suitable for gifting with the help of volunteers or their team. So, charity Christmas toy donations help underprivileged children a lot not only during Christmas but for the whole year.

Charities to Donate Toys to for Christmas

The charities that donate toys for Christmas in less fortunate communities to give them joy and cheer during the holiday season of Christmas are mentioned here. The charities that we discussed here are renowned places that work in the whole United States to develop the community and provide happiness during the festival season. You can choose from a variety of national charities to spread cheer to the families in your area and to teach your children the value of giving to others.

1. Salvation Army

Salvation Army is an international charitable organization that is available in 134 countries including the United States. They follow the mainstream of Christian belief and work for the advancement of society and less fortunate people. They provide Christmas gifts to the less privileged children in the form of toys, clothes, groceries, food items, etc. You can contact them and donate your old or new toys to support their objective of helping needy children on Christmas.

2. Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a non-profit charity which is managed by the Marine Corps Reserve. They collect new and unwrapped toys through donation boxes all year round and store them in their warehouses for Christmas. With the help of the local social welfare agencies, church groups, and other local community agencies, they distribute toys to less fortunate children. You can donate toys to their drop-off locations and the stores.

3. Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship works to strengthen the bond between the parents and the children by supporting the families. Sometimes, the relationship between the incarcerated parents and their children is not that good because of the lack of time. They support the families of prisoners all year round by providing donations. You can coordinate with the church, groups, or organizations to make a difference in the lives of prisoners’ families by coordinating gifts, deliveries including toys, and more for Christmas. 

4. Make A Wish

Make A Wish Foundation is a children’s charitable foundation that grants the Christmas wishes of children who are aged from two and a half to 18 years old. They complete the wishes of the children not only at the time of Christmas but the whole year. 

5. Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse is a charity that is run by the Christian relief organization. Their way of helping needy families and children is with shoe boxes. They provide shoe boxes that are filled with toys, school supplies, and other goodies for children. For filling out these shoe boxes, they collect donations from the privileged people of the community. The shoe box material can make a difference in the lives of the child who doesn’t have anything during the holidays. 

6. United Way

United Way is a charity that improves the lives of the affected people and strengthens the community. They provide support to needy individuals who are suffering from disaster or any other issue in their lives. They work globally in 37 countries with 1,100 communities. If you don’t know where to turn for help during the Christmas holidays, then this is the perfect organization that accepts your donations and donates to the needy ones. They have connections to nearly every single charitable organization in the community. 

7. One Simple Wish

One Simple Wish is the foundation that believes that everyone should experience love and joy. With the help of their partners, they receive the wishes of the children and then list them on their site to collect donations from the community. From the donations they receive, they fulfill the wishes of the children who are impacted by the trauma of foster care and childhood crisis. They provide toys, essential items, education items, fun-related gifts, etc.

On the whole, these are the charitable organizations that provide toys to less privileged children to make their Christmas holidays beautiful and memorable. If you are confused about where to donate toys to help the community then you can search for the above-mentioned charities because they are available in all the local areas of the United States. 

From Where You Can Get a Toy Donation for Christmas? 

If you are looking for places from where you can collect donated toys to make Christmas beautiful for your loved ones and children. You can explore the local places like religious centers, schools, community centers, charitable organizations, and more, and can look for the programs that are going to be organized in your local community during Christmas. Many organizations and businesses organized toy donation drives to provide support to less fortunate children.

The specific charities through which you will surely get toy donations include One Simple Wish, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, Make A Wish, United Way, Samaritan’s Purse, and more. Their purpose is to bridge the gap between the privileged and less privileged people. The organizations and the community centers set various pick-up locations during Christmas by which you can get donated stuff including toys easily. 


Therefore, it is important to be charitable as much as you can not only during Christmas but all year round. A lot of charities can offer Christmas help for low-income families and children. You can donate old, used, and new toys to them to spread love and enjoyment in the lives of needy children, especially during the holidays of the Christmas season. Before donating, analyze the needs and requirements of the organizations for which cause they are collecting donations. By this, you can make a significant impact with your donations. The major charitable organizations that donate toys for Christmas and are available all around the United States are the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and many more. 

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