Toy donations for christmas
Toy donations for christmas

Toy Donations for Christmas – Charities That Help Children at Christmas

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Get free Christmas Toys For kids, children’s – Christmas is coming, and although our children make their requests for gifts with great enthusiasm, they often abandon them with equal ease, accumulating them with hardly any use. Christmas is a season in which people come together to give and receive gifts, as well as to share with the family, give details to their loved ones. Children are usually the protagonists of this celebration, so there are many business initiatives that come together on these dates to bring them a present. Collecting toys and gifts has become a tradition for many organizations and shopping malls are a good example of this. for each unit that manages to collect, the shopping center will donate an additional gift. That is why it is very important to donate toys on these dates.

To avoid abandonment and to be more responsible, we can donate toys that our children no longer use and that are in good condition to those children or associations that need them. Currently, there are many charities, but you can also donate in churches, nurseries, schools, hospitals, in specific containers for this use or through collection campaigns organized by municipalities. Also, many are looking for new items so that families without resources can have gifts, you can collaborate by dedicating a purchase to make them a little happier, a very supportive initiative.

There are some organizations that have already brought Christmas to children, as is the case of Procter & Gamble (P&G), which in the company of United Way – Dividend for Colombia. This celebration is in addition to the work that P&G and United Way – Dividendo for Colombia has carried out jointly this year, through the program ‘Born learning healthy environments’ and the initiative ‘Clean water for children’, an alliance that has allowed improving the quality of education and learning spaces for more than 102,552 boys and girls from vulnerable sectors of the country.

involve your children in the donation so that they understand the importance of sharing with other children because educating in solidarity is in your hands. Here are some of the initiatives that will allow you to make donations of all kinds. It is essential that all toys are in good condition and comply with different safety standards.

Where to Donate Toys for Kids on Christmas

Valora Foundation

An organization specialized in collecting second-hand articles and materials of all kinds and, now at Christmas, especially toys. Her goal is for the people and children most in need to have a better life thanks to this material. Once the donation has been made, people can check all the available items on their website.

Bicycles without Borders

If you have a bike that you no longer use and you want someone who needs it to be able to use it, do not hesitate: give it to this association through one of the many collection points they have throughout the country. All the bikes they collect are reviewed and tuned in their workshop by people at risk of social exclusion. The donation goes to a single fund that reverts to the person without resources who needs a bike to get around, and those of a higher value will be put on sale with the intention of obtaining more resources to continue their sponsorship work. Website

Donation of consoles to Juegaterapia

Juegaterapia collects the fixed and portable consoles that people no longer use and takes them to hospitals that have children’s oncology areas, so that children with cancer can forget a little about their treatments and that time passes a little faster. Each console has a label with the donor information so that the child who receives it can send you a message, a drawing or a huge thank you! Send your console or video games at no cost through Envialia, you can find all the information you need on its website.

Where to donate new toys for kids on Christmas

Red Cross Youth campaign ‘Your rights at stake’

Your rights at stake are the motto of the campaign to collect new, non-war, and non-sexist toys carried out by the Red Cross Youth. This, in addition, they seek to sensitize society about the importance of play in childhood. Collaborating is essential so that the most vulnerable children can enjoy a toy at the most important time of their development.

The Red Cross responds quickly and effectively to help people affected by armed conflict. Furthermore, we respond to disasters in conflict zones, because the effects of a disaster are aggravated in countries that are already at war. Emergencies are unpredictable, so our ability to deploy quickly is extremely important. In this edition, you can also collaborate through the  Red Cross website, or by phone on 900 22 44 90 and by sending SMS with the word TOY to 38088, at a cost of $3; All funds will go entirely to the purchase of toys for families in social difficulties.

Charities That Help Children With free Christmas Toys

Solidarity Toy

An initiative to donate toys to all children who for various reasons may run out of gifts during these holidays. They are responsible for collecting articles and, in collaboration with local associations, sending them to hospitals, schools, parent groups, and all those people who know the true needs of families with problems. There are many ways to collaborate: by sending or buying toys in participating establishments, collaborations, as a volunteer for the distribution, or by disseminating the initiative. Website

Unicef ​​Blue Gift

Blue Gift is the donation of supplies such as vaccines, educational material or treatment against malnutrition  and, in addition, it can become the best alternative for this Christmas. You can make a donation on behalf of the person you want and give them a card where you tell them about the wonderful gift that those who need it the most will receive.

At UNICEF we work so that all children wherever they have a healthy life, go to school and are protected from violence and exploitation. We are the United Nations Children’s Fund. We have spent 70 years working to defend the rights of all girls and boys in more than 190 countries and territories. And we do not do it alone, we work with governments, NGOs, mothers and fathers, teachers, companies and people interested in achieving a better world for children. You just have to enter the Blue Gift website and choose what you want to send to children in vulnerable situations, from vaccines, blackboards or water treatment pills. Then, personalize your card and dedicate it to whoever you want. In short, a very special detail because it has two recipients: the person to whom you make the gift and the recipients to whom the help reaches on their behalf.


We believe in a just world without poverty; a world in which people can influence the decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens, and in which all human beings are valued and treated equally. Website


Plan International works to help children and their communities in 52 countries to address immediate and long-term needs and ensure lasting changes in their lives. Website


Save the Children invests in childhood: every day, in times of crisis and for our future. Throughout the world, we give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn, and protection from danger. By transforming children’s lives today, we change the course of their future and ours. Website


World Vision is a Christian organization for humanitarian aid, development, and promotion of justice, dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to reduce poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people, regardless of race, religion, ethnic group, or gender, inspired by Jesus Christ. Website

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