salvation army christmas gift donation

Salvation Army Christmas Gift Donation

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Christmas is the festival of love, care, and sharing. The spirit of giving and sharing is so high during Christmas when people exchange gifts with each other and some eagerly wait for this festival to make donations. Donation is an act of selflessness which shows your generosity and care towards society. Donating to support social causes is one of the best works that is done by someone on the occasion of Christmas. If you cannot decide where you can donate Christmas gifts and how to donate then you should contact the Salvation Army as it is the organization that works for the welfare of the community including the less fortunate people. To help organizations with their objective of helping needy people you can also satisfy your inner want of helping people by donating goods and services. To help you with your gifts to reach the right hands, we will discuss Salvation Army Christmas gift donation and how to donate Christmas gifts to the Salvation Army. 

About Salvation Army Christmas Gift Donation

Salvation Army is an organization that works for the welfare of the society. It is an international movement that was started by the Salvation Army based on the message of the Bible. Their purpose is to fulfill human needs without any discrimination. They provide their services to every individual who lives below poverty and facing difficulties in their lives. The Salvation Army runs various programs to help the people including the Red Kettle and Angel Tree Program. The organization was founded by the British Methodist named William Booth in 1865. With the help of their donation programs, they provide toys, clothes, food, and other essential items to people who are facing hardship and financial difficulties in their lives. The Salvation Army provides gifts to children and seniors based on their wish list with the help of their Angel Tree Program and provides food-related services with the help of their Red Kettle program. They collect donations from privileged people by organizing various fundraising events. They also allow the donors to make direct contact with the recipients of the Christmas gifts or donations that make a direct and positive impact on someone’s Christmas celebration. 

How to Donate Christmas Gifts to the Salvation Army?

To donate Christmas gifts to the Salvation Army including clothes, food, gifts, and other essential items, you need to follow their guidelines. They provide help not only at the time of Christmas but all year round. They are not just distributing gifts to underprivileged people but spreading joy and hope during this festive season. Now let’s understand the working model of the Salvation Army and how you can donate gifts to the Salvation Army.

1. Salvation Army Programs

You can make a contribution as a Christmas gift to the Salvation Army with the help of their programs. These programs support the specific causes through which you can provide help to the cause that is close to your heart. The major programs include the Angel Tree Program and the Red Kettle Campaign.

  • Angel Tree Program

Angel Tree Program fulfills the needs of the children and the elders. With the help of the Angel tree, Angel shaped tags are placed on the trees. On these tags, the wishes of the children and the elders are written with their names, ages, and places. All these tags that the organization receives during Christmas will be given to the donors and according to their suitability, they purchase the gifts and then donate to the organization at the preferred location that is written on the tag. 

  • Red Kettle Program

The Red Kettle Program is one of the best programs that is run by the Salvation Army as it helps them raise funds from the community. In this campaign, they need a large number of volunteers as every busy street, local places like local markets, public places, shopping malls, etc are filled with volunteers. The volunteers carry red kettles and bells in their hands that motivate the people to make donations for social causes. With the help of these funds, organizations organize various food and gift donation drives during Christmas that provide Christmas joy to underprivileged people.

2. Digital Donation

If you want to contribute to society for their welfare and development then you can make digital donations as well to a Salvation Army with the help of their online platforms. So, you can make monetary donations that provide assistance to the organization and fulfill their objective of helping needy people during Christmas.

3. Volunteer with Donation Drives

You can help the organization in sorting, packaging and distributing gifts that they receive from the community with the help of their programs. As they make them in good condition and ensure their quality then donate to the needy people. You can donate gifts to them and can help them with your time and services. 

4. Collaborative Donations

The Salvation Army collaborates with various other places to donate gifts during Christmas. It helps them to reach a wider audience and it includes schools, churches, local community centers, orphanages, etc. You can donate gifts in these places as well which provide help to the less fortunate people and indirectly fulfill the responsibility of the Salvation Army.

5. Drop-off Locations

You can search for the drop-off locations of the Salvation Army which are available at various places all around during Christmas due to the purpose of receiving donations from the privileged people. They set up these locations at places like schools, outside shopping malls, crowded markets, etc. So, search for these places and donate gifts for charitable causes. 

Therefore, these are the ways through which you can donate gifts to the Salvation Army. The best part is that you can donate anything as a gift including clothes, food, books, necessary items, and money. Your small amount of donation provides a great help to the underprivileged people as with the small things they can celebrate Christmas with some joy and cheer. 


Salvation Army is one of the best organizations that provides support to underprivileged people and plays a significant role in the development of the whole nation. The Salvation Army maintains the true spirit of Christmas in the hearts of the people who are unable to afford gifts due to their disabilities during Christmas. The programs named Red Kettle and the Angel Tree provide great help to the Salvation Army in fulfilling their objective as they raise proper funds from the privileged people and on the other hand, satisfy the wants of the needy people by providing them the gifts. You can donate gifts to the Salvation Army via online contributions, drop-off locations, volunteering services, etc. So, to spread Christmas joy, donate gifts and also motivate others to make donations for the community. 

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