How to Enable Bits on Twitch

How to Enable Bits on Twitch

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How to Enable bits on twitch – Twitch is a video game streaming platform where a number of interested people can come and play games while also supporting streamers who play games on the platform. If you love the game but still if you wondering how to cheer your favourite gamer, you can support them through cheering bits, you can simply watch anyone who is playing a game. It is an interacting chatting platform so many people will be looking to cheer them up on twitch. Twitch has become one of the best and most popular gaming video streaming platform which started in 2011. Twitch has a unique language where only twitch users can understand it properly, from abbreviations to emoticons there are so many things that you want to know to understand twitch language. One of the things that are popular among the twitch community is by cheering their favourite streamer of gamer who is playing a game or running game show on the streaming platform. Cheering is one of the popular ways in this live streaming video platform where viewers are given the special encouraging chance to cheer in the form of bits. Now you may be confused about how to cheer on twitch, but worries we are going to cover you up with all the material of the twitch, where you can understand and follow their language. To simply tell you it is totally a new experience where only twitch viewers and users would about it. The cheering on the platform would do multiple things for both viewers and streamers

What are bits on twitch?

Bits are the rewards for viewers, they can get while watching an ad, or they can buy them for their favourite streamers on the gaming platform.

Bits on twitch are basically coined rewards or a special mini donation to streamers from whoever is watching their streamers. These bits are donated by viewers to streamers and encouraging them. They can typically a virtual currency which they can buy or spend on their favourite gamers show.

Twitch pays their affiliates and partners one cent for every bit, that means if you are spending 100 cents on 100 bits you are spending $1. You can buy twitch bits by logging into the account and select quantity, you will have multiple options, while in mobile or desktop you can purchase through chats or you can find “Get Bits” option on the web.

Twitch bit badges

There are different levels of twitch batches you can earn while going through a number of stages. Twitch batches are three types namely user type batches, chat batches or chat emoticons.

There two types of badges cheering chat badges and sub gifter badges. Cheering and supporting your favourite gamers show, will improve your level of support for your streamers channel and be able to be recognized by them. As long as you cheer or buy more subs gifts, you earn channel chat badges for that channel and your support is recognized.

The cheer chat badges last for long but appear only within the channel you have earned it. You will hold your level permanently as long as your sub gifts are expired in channels you have earned your sub gifts badges. Depending on those cheering chat badges and sub gift badges you are placed in leaderboard position.

How to cheer on twitch

In order to cheer on twitch, you need to first earn bits on twitch, only you can cheer for your favourite gamer or favourite streamer. It is a way of appreciating your favourite gamer by cheering them up. Cheering can give benefits for both viewer and the streamers, you do not understand how streamers are benefitted we will explain it to you.  When you cheer on twitch you are actually showing your excitement or appreciation by giving away tips in the form of bits.  These twitch bits are a virtual currency which is only used on the twitch platform itself. As you already know you can cheer for your favourite gamer with bits, that you can earn by buying them, 1 cent equals 1 bit or you can watch their ads while streaming inside the platform and you earn bits that way as simple as it can get, so you are buying to cheer, however easy as it may seem to be, people find it a bit frustrating with something that has to do with buying to cheer on your favourite streamers, if you keep supporting your streamer and cheer for your favourite streamer, you can earn cheer char badges at each level, showing your appreciation on the same channel and streamer would come to know it you.

what do cheers mean on twitch

A cheering on twitch means a trendy way or one the best ways to show your appreciation and support your streamers and celebrate moments of victory in twitch community. Cheer is a type of chat message that uses Bits, and contains emotes which you can buy from the platform itself. bits can be used anywhere, anytime, or during games play or can be used to channels to channels.

How to give bits on twitch

you can give bits by buying them on the same video streaming platform. Cheering for your favourite streams forms a new way of encouraging your favourite gamers. Cheering elevates your voice in Chat with animated emotes and encourages viewers with leaderboards and extensions. Also, twitch rewards every streamer with for how many cheers he would get from their particular channels typically at a rate of 1 cent per 1 bit. In some events like esports or Overwatch League Cheering, and charity events there may be different rewarding and sharing arrangements. You can give bits in chat options simply by clicking on the quantity options shown on the chat. On web and mobile, you can buy bits by clicking on the bits icon. Cheering with Bits shows support for streamers and celebrates the moments you love with the community. The cheering is done loud and clear by bit animated emotes which a chat icon usually consisting of different value proportions.

what do bits do on twitch

Bits are a virtual currency where you need to buy them on the same twitch platform itself in order to show your appreciation and support your favourite streamer, get attention from the chat through different animated emotes and gets recognized by badges, leaderboards and acknowledgement from streamers. Bits are in a way giving rewards for streamers, the twitch platform gives them 1 cent per 1 bit.

how to donate bits on twitch

you may already know if you are using twitch account, How to donate on twitch the bits are a virtual currency where you need to buy them with real money in order to support or encourage if a streamer you loved to watch and felt satisfied with his performance on the video gaming platform. you simply go to the streamer’s profile and cheer your bits if they entertained you or if you want to watch more of those works, you simply cheer on twitch by giving away your micro-donations in the form of bits.  Bits are the virtual currency on the same platform and you give away bits to streamers work which is more like tipping, here tipping is usually called as cheering in twitch. When you donate or tip a streamer for his excellent record, it means that you are donating and for that twitch platform rewards them at 1 cent per 1 bit.

To donate on twitch, you simply need to sign up and log in to your account,

  1. Hover over to your favourite streamers channel
  2. Select “Get bits” in the upper right corner of the platform
  3. Select the number of bits you want to donate to them
  4. Wait until your account gets updated

Once you get your bits, you can loud and cheer for your favourite streamer as you like, the more you buy bits the more discounts you can get on the bits, you can type to donate like “cheer500 love your work kind of, and you a timer option for tying your message to the streamer.


How much is a bit on twitch

a bit is a virtual currency used in twitch platform usually of value 1 cent equals 1bit?

How much are 5000 bits on twitch?

The value for 5000 bits is $50 USD

How much are 10000 bits on twitch?

The value for 10000 bits $100.00 USD

How much are 25000 bits on twitch?

The value for 25000 $250.00 USD

How much are 1 million bits on twitch

The value for 1 million is  $1,000.00  USD

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