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Goodwill Computer Donations

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Goodwill is an industry that works internationally and which is known as goodwill. This is an American-based non-profit organization that provides help to the needy people of the society. This organization organizes various community-based programs to provide support to the less fortunate people who are facing problems in earning because of non-employability. They provide services that are required to gain employment including job training, skill development classes, and devices that are helpful in technological access. To fulfill the needs of needy people, they accept almost every kind of donation through their different locations except the broken items like computers with glass breaks or cracks. If you genuinely want to support the less fortunate people and contribute to the economic development of the nation then donate your old computers to the Goodwill industry as they use them to provide job opportunities. To support you with your Goodwill computer donation we will discuss goodwill computer donation centers and the computer donation policy of goodwill.

Goodwill Computer Donations

Goodwill computer donation makes a positive impact on society as it bridges the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate people. The founder of Goodwill was a Methodist minister and early social innovator whose motive was to provide educational and workforce-related services to strengthen the community. The major benefits of donating computers to Goodwill include the following.

  • Goodwill provides access to digital tools for learning to enhance the capability of the students as in the era of digitalization the knowledge of computers is a must.
  • Through computers, students can participate in online workshops, seminars, learning material, online libraries, etc., which can help them complete their assignments, research work, and skill development.
  • In the sector of employment, without computers, individuals cannot survive because it provides them the opportunity to create an online resume and participate in the online training programs that are required for jobs. People can submit multiple applications through online platforms.
  • Computers eliminate the disparity of technology and create digital inclusion by enhancing the well-being of every individual.

So, computer equipment donation to Goodwill maintains the economic structure of the nation as it provides an equitable platform to every individual without any discrimination. Now let’s understand what type of donations they accept and how you can reach the donation centers of goodwill.

Does Goodwill Take Computer Donations?

If you are keen to know does Goodwill accepts computer donations, the answer is Yes. Goodwill is an organization that accepts every kind of computer donation. They work with different locations in the whole United States and every location has its own rules, regulations, and criteria of computer acceptance. To know the exact details, you must visit the official Goodwill websites, and donation section according to the location, or contact your nearby Goodwill stores. Almost all Goodwill stores accept every kind of computer-related item including unwanted and broken computers, monitors, laptops, and printers but they will not accept those monitors whose screens have cracks and class breaks. They also welcome the computer donation of Apple devices.

After accepting all the computer donations from the community they resell them, repair them, and work with the concept of zero landfills. They perform refurbishing for the computers that can be suitable for the second use including out-of-date or broken items. By this, they extend the lives of the computer and electronic equipment which contribute to the sustainable environment.

Furthermore, goodwill provides services to secure the data including hard drive wiping. These services are available only for those who want them otherwise, for backing up valuable information and erasing sensitive data, you and yourself are responsible as an organization will not accept liability for your loss or confidential data.

Goodwill Computer Donation Center

Goodwill operates numerous donation centers in different regions of the United States. The policies for donating computers may vary from region to region and to get computers people have to fulfill their rules and regulations. Goodwill computer donation centers accept computers and other technological-related accessories to provide them to low-income families and less fortunate people. To find the perfect goodwill computer donation center, you have to consider some points.

1. Search through the Website

Start your search to find the Goodwill computer donation center through their official website where you will get the list of their donation centers in different regions. Based on your search outcomes, you can find the website or contact details of the Goodwill organization of your region.

2. Take help from the Locator Tool

The official website of Goodwill contains a system of locators in which you need to enter your zip code or the name of your city. By this, you will get the perfect donation store that is available in your nearest locality including a retail store, thrift store, or organization.

3. Collect Information about Donation

To know about the details regarding what kind of donation they accept or what guidelines you need to follow for computer donation, go to the section of the donations. Here, you will get the details regarding their guidelines, preferences, and rules for computers as some accept only functional computers and some accept every kind of computer including functional, non-functional, broken, etc.

4. Approach them through Call, E-mail, or Direct Visit

It is always preferable to directly approach the organization to get up-to-date details regarding donations and their objectives. It will guide you on how you can donate computers, whether it is through the drop of locations or any other method. You can analyze whether your objective aligns with their objective or not. Their mission is to enhance people’s dignity and quality of life by strengthening the community through technological access. They want to create equitable opportunities for every individual in the world of digitalization.

In short, by following the above-mentioned points you can find the right Goodwill computer donation center in your nearest locality and can contribute computers to eliminate the barriers to opportunity through which people can reach their full potential.

Goodwill Computer Donation Policy

The policies regarding acceptance of computer donations at Goodwill organizations and stores may differ and for this, you need to analyze all the details beforehand. Even so, the most common policies applicable for almost all the stores of goodwill for computer donation are as follows.

1. List of Items that they Accept

Along with the computers, they accept various other electronic equipment including monitors, desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, speakers, etc. The best part is that they accept them in any condition because they also provide refurbishing and recycling services. Before donating, you need to analyze their requirements and policies.

2. State the Condition of the Computer Beforehand

Always mention the present condition of your computer to the organization whether it’s working or non-working. It is advisable to clear your hard drive through which you can not provide access to your personal information to anyone. Information about conditions is relevant because some Goodwill organizations or stores accept computers for direct reuse and some perform refurbishment.

3. Provide all the Necessary Accessories

Remember to include all the necessary accessories with your computer that are required for its functioning including keyboard, mouse, data cables, charger, etc.

4. Devices that are not Acceptable

If your computer screen is damaged, broken, or has cracks on it will not be acceptable. The equipment that does not comply with the safety regulations of the goodwill will not be acceptable at any of the stores of the goodwill.

Hence, these are the basic policies for donating computers to Goodwill. In addition, check the organization’s local policies and specific guidelines according to your locality since they may differ and require some additional input from your side.


In brief, Goodwill is an organization that works on the international level to create digital inclusion by providing computers and other technological devices to less fortunate people. Their main motive is to strengthen the community by eliminating the barriers to education and employment opportunities. Some of the Goodwill organizations provide digital literacy skills for people who are unable to access the latest technology. Along with the computers, they provide internet access at low cost through which people can reach their full potential of learning and the power of work. By donating computers to Goodwill, you are not only contributing from an educational perspective but also fulfilling the environmental and economic requirements.


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