Donate New Toys for Christmas

Donate New Toys for Christmas

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Donate New Toys for Christmas Donating goods to those who are in need is a selfless act that makes a positive impact on society. Donation is an activity that satisfies the self-esteem of humans and gives them personal satisfaction and growth. By donating toys on Christmas, you bring smiles to the faces of little ones. Your generosity brightens the children’s Christmas holidays and creates everlasting memories for them. Now, the important thing is you need to choose the right organization to donate new toys. You need to adhere to the guidelines of the recipient organization. While choosing the organization that helps you reach your donation to the intended recipient, remember to check their needs regarding old and new toys because some organizations accept only new toys and some accept both old and new. So, to make your donation meaningful, review all the policies beforehand. Here, we will discuss where you can donate new toys for Christmas, and the best place to donate new toys. 

Where to Donate New Toys for Christmas?

If you want to donate new toys for Christmas to underprivileged and low-income people to make their Christmas holidays delightful then you can choose the local places of your locality and the organizations that support donations. By donating new toys, you bring joy and happiness that boost the morale of the children and enhance self-esteem and confidence, helping bring positivity to the emotional and psychological behavior of the child. You can donate new toys to serve the community through national and international organizations such as the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Make a Wish Foundation, and many others, local and community-based organizations such as churches, religious centers, community centers, etc. All the details regarding places of donation are discussed below in this guide.

New Toy Donations for Christmas Near Me

The donation of new toys is considered preferable as compared to old toys. The quality of new toys meets the standard of safety and durability that is relevant for the recipient, user, and organization. New toys help in the eradication of health concerns and used toys carry germs and allergens that could be harmful for the children. So, the places for new toy donations on Christmas near me include local charities, hospitals, religious centers, shelters, schools, etc. Firstly, contact them and know about their needs and requirements and then make the decision to donate new toys. 

Best Place to Donate New Toys for Christmas

The best places to donate new toys for Christmas are as follows. It includes both national and international organizations and local places. You can choose which suits you the best. 

1. Stuffed Animals for Emergencies

Stuffed Animals for Emergencies is a non-profit organization that provides toys, books, and other important items to those who are going through an emotional situation such as a natural disaster or an ambulance ride. They accept both kinds of new and gently used toys for the welfare of kids. It is a 25-year-old organization that is run by volunteers. 

2. Operation HomeFront

If you want to strengthen the military families, then you can donate new toys on Christmas to the Operation HomeFront organization. This organization works for the location of a new base for military families. It is not possible to move everything to the new place. In this case, you can donate new toys to them to make their Christmas joyful. 

3. PickUp Please

PickUp Please is a charitable organization that provides pick-up facilities for donated items. You can donate toys, shoes, clothes, accessories, jewelry, books, electronic items, etc. They collect donations from the community and then provide to needy individuals. 

4. Vietnam Veterans of America

If you want to provide help to the veterans across the country then donate toys to the Vietnam Veterans of America. It is a nonprofit organization that works to fulfill the needs of Veterans. This organization is not funded by the government. They fully depend on the donations that they receive from the community. So, to make changes in the lives of needy men and women, you can donate toys and other items to this organization. 

5. Homeless Shelters Directory

Homeless Shelters Directory is an organization that provides help to the needy of America. This organization provides shelters to those who are homeless, along with other necessary items. So, you can donate toys and other supplies to the local shelters. The children who arrived at these Shelters have often been through a traumatic experience and in this situation, your little donation of toys can help them feel more at ease. 

6. Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a program that collects toys throughout the year from the community including old and new toys. At the time of Christmas or any other occasion, they provide them to the needy children. If you have toys ready to give away then you can check the procedure of donation on the website of Toys for Tots. 

7. Salvation Army

Salvation Army is an organization that works in the whole United States. They accept donations of old and new toys including other items like stuffed animals, plastic toys, clothes, shoes, electronic items, etc. They also run thrift stores and to provide support to low-income families they sell old items at a reasonable rate. Also, they provide donations to charities who are in need. 

8. Goodwill

Goodwill is the organization that runs various donation centers throughout the United States. You can contact your local Goodwill retail donation Store to donate your used and new toys. After collecting donations from the community, they provide them to charities, nonprofits, and communities at the time of Christmas. 

9. Local Charities, Religious Centers, Hospitals

You can donate your new and gently used toys to local places including charities, hospitals, and religious centers. They accept toy donations for emotional, psychological, physical, and mental development. You can contact them and ask for their requirements and then donate as per their need. 

So, these are the best places where you can donate new toys for the development of society and the kids. Your donation can make a significant impact on the lives of the children. 


As you observed and read about the places where you can donate new toys that accept donations both locally and nationally. These places are the best to help low-income families, charitable organizations, underprivileged children, military families, etc. Organizations and places conduct a donation drive around Christmas to collect donations and provide them to needy individuals. You can reach out to the local places of your community including schools, hospitals, religious centers, family, and friends to know about their needs regarding toys and then make your donation worthwhile. These organizations and places provide really good options by which you do not have to throw anything away and your gently used toys can also be reused. It also provides environmental stability as you are not dumping plastic toys into landfills. So, donation for Christmas is a good charitable cause. 

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