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If you are replacing your old computer monitors then rather than dumping them into storage places or landfills, donation is one of the best options as it may have several benefits including supporting the specific cause, protecting the environment, and enhancing the lifespan of electronic equipment. Plenty of worthy charities are available across the United States to support the donation of computer monitors. A lot of individuals live in circumstances where they face barriers to getting access to modern technology due to low income or the lack of resources. Your small contribution to computer monitors brings a change in the community and provides resources to many individuals to thrive in the world of modernization. Now, to narrow down the gap of the digital divide here in this guide we will enlight you with the sources where you can donate computer monitors and can you donate computer monitors to Goodwill.

How Computer Monitors Donations Are Beneficial for Society?

Donating computer monitors is beneficial for society in various ways as it makes a significant and positive impact on many sectors including education, employment, and society. Here are some considerable impacts that will motivate you to donate a computer monitor.

1. Closing the Gap of the Digital Divide

Donating computer monitors to the schools and educational institutions in the underserved section of the community provides access to the technology and students can easily complete their assignments with the help of the e-learning resources. Every individual will get an equal chance to prove themselves.

2. Generate Employment Opportunities

Access to computer monitors will provide ease to needy people to get online training programs, skill development classes, and participation in other job-related programs. With this, individuals can prepare themselves to deal with the challenges of the modern workplace.

3. Empower the Community

Computer monitor donation empowers the whole community as it provides access to digital tools through which individuals learn the skills of online engagement and can enhance their social, mental, emotional, and cognitive skills.

4. Contribution to Environment Sustainability

Donation of old computer monitors contributes to the environment as it provides different mediums for discarding old equipment and reducing electronic waste by increasing the lifespan of the devices. Overall recycling and refurbishing activities reduce environmental impact.

Therefore, in this way, the donation of computer monitors is beneficial for society. To create digital inclusion various organizations and government institutions support the donation of computer monitors. We will discuss in detail regarding these organizations later in this guide.

Where to Donate Computer Monitors?

When you are searching for a place, where to donate computer monitors and keyboards, you are required to consider the facts that can maximize the impact of your donation. You should find a suitable recipient that will willingly accept your donation. For this, you need to consider the demands, preferences, and requirements of the recipient party including the organizations and the individuals. The best way to maximize the impact of your donation is to donate computer monitors to charity as it provides help to various underserved communities and less fortunate people to get access to the technology. The concept of charity is very wide because it includes various places to donate computers such as local schools and educational institutions, community centers and libraries, nonprofits and charities, refurbishing organizations, recycling centers, vocational training programs, etc. Now, let’s discuss the specific organizations to donate old computer monitors in detail.

Where to Donate Old Computer Monitors?

To get some mileage from your old and used computer monitors, donate them for charitable purposes to individuals, organizations, and recycling centers. Rather than dumping them in landfills and storing them as dust in a closet, donate computer monitors to these international and national organizations that will only accept your donation and appreciate your efforts.

1. World Computer Exchange

WCE is an international organization that has more than 945 partner organizations that work in the whole United States to create digital inclusion. They believe that the blend of technology and education shows the full potential of every individual in the education and employment sector. You can donate used computer monitors to this organization.

2. Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes helps less fortunate people by donating computer monitors throughout the United States. The donation to this charity helps the charitable programs that they support to provide needed educational and vocational assets and substantially increases resources to support the community. This organization offers donation receipts to the donors that give them tax benefits through deductions. This is the national organization that accepts the donation of desktops, laptops, computers, monitors, tablets, and other electronic devices.

3. National Cristina Foundation

National Cristina Foundation provides support to educational causes by donating used computer monitors to nonprofits, schools, and economically disadvantaged individuals. They support the concept of technology reuse and eliminate the digital divide by donating computer monitors to needy people.

4. National Center for Electronics Recycling

NCER is a nonprofit organization that works to enhance the recycling of used and old electronic items including computer monitors in the United States. They want to create a sustainable environment for future generations. If your computer monitors are not functional, donate them to this recycling center which is available in all nearby areas.

5. Reconnect

Reconnect is the local organization that works with Goodwill and Dell in a partnership that performs recycling services for old electronic equipment. They provide opportunities for the residents to donate old computer monitors free of charge. You can donate your old and used computers to them for recycling purposes and to provide them to needy people. They always advise that before donating, wipe all the personal data from the devices.

6. Goodwill Industries of Orange County

Goodwill Industries of Orange County accepts donations of computer monitors for creating life-changing opportunities, jobs, and independence for fellow community members. You may also get tax benefits with this organization as they offer the receipt of your donations that you can attach while making text payments. They empower the community with old electronics while helping the environment.

Therefore, these are the places where you can donate used computer monitors but before donation, you should prepare your monitors and for this, ensure that you wipe all the data security that will not provide your any personal information to the next user. Perform a backup of all your data, test the working condition of your computer monitor to maximize its usefulness for the recipients, and if it is non-functional clearly state the condition to the recipient.

Can You Donate Computer Monitors to Goodwill?

Yes, Goodwill computer monitor donation is possible, worthy, and safe. This is one of the best organizations that takes old computers and related electronics and donates them to needy people after recycling or refurbishing. The donations that they receive from society will be processed under an electronic recycling program to destroy the personal data. It is done using specialty software to make the device suitable for reselling. Goodwill operates various computer work stores at different locations in the United States including 30+ donation centers and retail stores. If you want to protect the environment, it is good to donate your old and used computer monitors to Goodwill because they will not dump the electronic devices into landfills as they contain mercury and lead which is harmful to the environment and human health. To donate a computer monitor to Goodwill, follow their website as through this, you will get updated details regarding their programs and initiatives.

Where to Donate Computer Monitors Near Me?

The donation of computer monitors shows manifestation in various sectors including employment, education, social, economic, and geographical. Nowadays, all things are connected to the technology and internet due to which everyone requires access to computer monitors and the internet. The less fortunate people will not get the opportunity to connect to the digital world due to the lack of access to high capital-intensive devices like computer monitors. To remove this gap, they search for local libraries, community centers, and non-profit organizations that provide them with the monitors free of cost or at low prices. So, to support these places, you can donate computer monitors to them.

Furthermore, for computer monitor donations near me, consider organizations like World Computer Exchange, Computers with Causes, National Cristina Foundation, National Center for Electronics Recycling, Reconnect, and Goodwill Industries of Orange County. These organizations organize various donation drives in schools, colleges, and other educational places to support future generations and to make them capable of dealing with the innovative world.


Donations of computer monitors make an optimal difference in the lives of the less fortunate people and the community who can’t afford devices like computer monitors. It offers various benefits to society, the environment, underserved communities, nonprofits, and needy individuals as it offers various opportunities to bridge the gap of the digital divide and maintain the sustainability of the environment. To donate used computer monitors, you can consider the places that are available near you including nonprofit organizations like World Computer Exchange, Computer with Causes, National Cristina Foundation, etc. Goodwill computer monitor donation is one of the best ways to support the less fortunate people as they run various donation stores and retail stores in the United States. So, to make a commendable change in the nation, computer monitor donation is worthwhile.

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