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Donate Computer Books | Organizations and Places to Donate

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Computer books are a source of educational content as they provide all the relevant knowledge about computers and technology to the users. To deal with modern technology, computer literacy is relevant and a necessity of today’s technological market. For personal growth and to get opportunities in the employment market an understanding of the new tools and advanced systems is required and computer books are one of the only sources that can help you to learn simple office tasks with the advanced software. These books cover all the information like hardware, software, programming tools, languages, networking, and many more. Because of the numerous advantages of computer books less fortunate people need the donation of these books. To give you the sources to donate computer books, we will discuss the impact, places, and challenges that you need to consider before donating these computer books. 

Impact of the Donation of Computer Books

The donation of computer books makes a significant impact on various areas that narrow down the gap of the digital divide and provide access to valuable learning material to the less fortunate people. The below-mentioned points show you the real impact on society.

1. Empower the Communities

Donation of computer books empowers the community and provides equitable opportunities to every individual in every sector including education and employment. The knowledge of the latest technology provides access to various learning and development programs. 

2. Educational Development 

Computer books cover a wide range of topics that are under the latest market trends including programming, languages, software, etc. With the help of these books, people can develop themselves and make them capable of facing the challenges of the digital world. 

3. Enhance Employment Opportunities

The knowledge of the software provides chances to grasp better employment with renowned organizations and enhances the confidence of the employees to face the competition. The skilled and competitive workforce develops the economic infrastructure. 

4. Encourage Adaptation to Modern Techniques

The donation of computer books provides knowledge of the modern techniques about computers that are necessary to survive in the technological environment. Self-improvement is a must for adaptation to modern techniques and the computer book helps individuals to learn lifelong lessons.

5. Fosters Innovation

The knowledge of modern technology fosters innovation as individuals can set up their minds and think in that direction which is needed to deal with market competition. The innovative ideas open up opportunities to earn more that maintain employment and contribute to economic development. 

Thus, the donation of computer books provides access to the less fortunate people to modern information which encourages the use of technological equipment. It bridges the gap of the digital divide and provides connectivity to expensive and exclusive devices. 

Donate the Old Computer Books 

If you are planning to donate your old computer books then you need to consider various challenges that you might face to make changes in the community for technological development. You need to donate those books that are according to the modern skills and techniques that help the recipients to develop themselves. You should ensure that the recipients have an environment in which they can utilize their skills and the acquired knowledge by getting access to computers and the internet. You need to take one step forward to maintain digital literacy by organizing workshops and skill development programs in collaboration with nonprofit organizations. These small steps provide opportunities for individuals to deal with the practical challenges of the educational and employment world. The places to donate old computer books are discussed below and you can consider them according to your preferences. 

Places to Donate Old Computer Books

The places where you can consider donating old computer books to foster the changes in computer technology in the United States are mentioned below. These places accept donations of old computer books to support the students and other individuals in dealing with the transformative changes in computer technology. 

1. Better World Books

Better World Books is an e-retailer platform that provides books online to maintain computer literacy worldwide. They accept donations of books and then sell them to needy people at affordable rates to support technological changes in the digitized world. They provide access to material that is old and discarded by someone but could be useful for others. 

2. Books Through Bars

Books Through Bars as the name suggests, provides books and other educational support to the prisoners in the United States. They provide quality reading material including technological upgradation in the computer market to develop the knowledge of individuals who are unaware of the latest trends and changes. You can donate computer books to them to support the education of the prisoners. 

3. Salvation Army

Salvation Army is one of the largest organizations that works to support social causes globally. They run numerous stores at different locations in the United States through which they accept and donate computers and computer books to provide help to both beginners and experts from basic to specific computer tasks. 

4. Goodwill

Goodwill is the organization that runs various community-based programs to eliminate the barriers of lack of resources for less fortunate and low-income families. They accept donations of computer devices and books through their stores and drop-off locations. By providing technology devices and books, they provide opportunities for employment placement and job training. 

5. Donation Town

Donation Town is a charity that accepts a broad variety of donations including computers, computer books, and other goods. You can schedule your pickup effortlessly from your computer or a mobile device via their online website. 

Therefore, contact these organizations and local places like community centers, schools,  and charitable initiatives to donate computer books. Before donating, collect all the information about their current needs, policies, and requirements because you need to consider their eligibility criteria for a successful donation. Similar to this book donation, if you are interested in supporting other educational objectives of the students and schools, follow the guides on Computer Memory Donation and History Museum Donation.


The donation of computer books has a positive and long-lasting impact on the lives of students and individuals who want to learn about modern technological changes. The computer books consist of a wide range of topics that make the recipients industry-ready as the knowledge about the newer software, languages, and networks is relevant. It fosters the gap of the digital divide and provides equitable access to technological advancement including the less fortunate and the privileged individuals. So, it maintains digital literacy and provides ongoing support to the individuals through which they can collaborate with the digital world.


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