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Computer Donation in Portland

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In some places of Portland, the gap in access to modern information and communication technology lies due to low income and lack of education. Computer donation helps to bridge this gap and to support computer donation various organizations come together in Portland where they accept donations from the community and provide them to needy people. Portland is the hub of technology and innovation where every individual needs to be aware of the latest technology for their smooth survival. You can support the underserved communities with the help of the organizations that we will discuss later. Also, we will discuss how computer donation helps people to close the digital divide in Portland. Similar to Portland, the digital divide exists in some other areas of the United States as well. So to support those places by providing computer donations you can develop the whole nation and for this, you can refer to the guide on Computer Donation in Minneapolis and Cincinnati

How Computer Donation Helps People to Close the Digital Divide in Portland?

Computers are one of the important factors in this digital era where the knowledge of computers and the internet is very important for every individual. Every individual in Portland is not able to afford computers and computer donations contribute to closing the digital divide in Portland. 

  • Computer donation of various educational opportunities through which students can complete their assignments and take online classes through which they can learn various skills. It will make them future-ready and provide various earning platforms as well.
  • It allows the youths and students to learn digital skills as the computer donation gives them access to the internet and other technological tools.
  • It extends the life span of electronic items which indirectly impacts the environment positively because the disposal of the electronic items harms the environment and increases soil pollution.
  • Computer donations provide access to technology which helps job seekers in various ways. It helps them create resumes, search for jobs through online portals of different companies, provide information about vacancies, etc. 

Overall, computer donation plays a significant role in bridging the gap of the digital divide in Portland as it empowers every individual towards technology which creates inclusion in the community. It provides equal opportunities for every individual in the community without any biases based on race, religion, and income. 

Places that Assist in Computer Donation in Portland

The places where you can donate computers in Portland are as follows. They accept technology donations to help the people who need them. It creates digital inclusion in the nation as it generates various employment opportunities for the youth and other people due to technological advancement. Follow the guidelines of these places to get assistance in computer donation in Portland.

1. Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries is an organization whose mission is to provide vocational opportunities to people with disabilities as well as others with barriers to employment. You can donate computers and other electronic items to the Goodwill stores that are available in various locations in the Portland area. They provide pick-up facilities as well through which you can easily donate computers but for this, you need to contact them through their official website. 

2. Free Geek

Free Geek is a non-profit organization that works to create inclusion and sustainability in Portland. They provide a pick-up facility for bulk donations and you can book a slot after contacting them. They accept all kinds of electronic items including laptops, computers, and PCs. They refurbished the old computers, made them suitable for a second use, and provided technological access to the people who did not have the resources to afford them. Along with the computers, you can also donate money to this organization to support their objectives of providing free technology workshops. 

3. Human Solutions

Human Solutions is the local organization of Portland that provides services to homeless people and makes them self-sufficient by providing all the related facilities including technological access. You can contact them directly by visiting their stores or by their online website to make donations of computers. For a successful donation, you need to follow the guidelines that are available on their website.

4. STS Electronic Recycling

STS Electronic Recycling in Portland provides free computer, PC, laptop, and electronics recycling for items that come to an end of life. When computers become updated and electronics break down, contact STS Electronic Recycling as it is better for the environment. They assess any value, destroy hard drives, and protect sensitive information. 

In addition to these organizations, you can donate computers to support educational programs through schools, community groups, non-profit institutions, etc. These places also accept computer donations for technological advancement and to provide better educational opportunities to students and underprivileged communities. 


As a result, computer donation in Portland bridges the gap of the digital divide and provides equal opportunities to every individual regarding jobs, education, and other technological sectors. Various organizations support computer donation in Portland including the Free Geek, Goodwill, STS Recycling, and many more. Each organization has its objective and guidelines that you need to follow for a successful donation of computers. Before donating computers, ensure that they are functional and in good condition and if your computer is not working properly then state that clearly to the organization as they may go to the recycling centers for refurbishing. For up-to-date details regarding guidelines and upcoming events of the organizations, must visit their official website and donate accordingly. 

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