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Christmas Toy Donations In NYC

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Christmas is a very special time of the year and it teaches us the joy of giving and helping others. It is a festival of giving and receiving gifts where receiving gifts may make you feel special and loved but the real pleasure and satisfaction is in giving and sending your wishes through gifts. In this, children are more excited as they are hoping for the gifts and toys they want from their parents. But there are various poverty-stricken families in NYC for whom Christmas celebration is not possible due to economic crisis and lack of resources. These unserved families are not even able to get their children toys and gifts at Christmas. But Christmas brings you the opportunity to show kindness toward such unserved families. To help these families you can donate your old and used toys to make their Christmas memorable. You are not alone in this as various organizations in NYC support Christmas toy donations during the holidays and Christmas. Moreover, these unserved families can easily get all your donations through various ways which we will talk about later.

Organizations That Accept Christmas Toy Donations In NYC

Toy donation organizations play a vital role in bridging the gap between the donor and the recipient. Toy donors can reply to these organizations with their donations. During Christmas, they launch programs and toy drives for better utilization of your donations. There are various toy organizations in NYC but here are some of the trusted and recognized organizations where you can donate toys for underprivileged children for Christmas.

1. Volunteers Of America

Volunteers Of America is a non-profit organization that runs holiday toy drives with the name Toys for Holidays. The main motive of this toy drive is to collect toys in bulk for Christmas. After this, they distribute these toys to underprivileged children. Along with this they also donate toys to shelters, schools, and religious centers. You can even join their toy drive and collect toys for needy children.

2. Toys For Tots

Toys For Tots is a huge toy donation organization that collects and distributes toys among needy children. They have donated more than 2 lakh toys to underprivileged children and It is currently the leading organization working for this cause. It is managed by the U.S. Marine Corps and work in collaboration with various small organization. This organization collects toys from other small organizations and distributes them through multiple distribution programs organized by the organization.

3. Coalition For Homeless

Coalition For Homeless is one of the oldest organizations on the list. They generally work to provide shelters to homeless people but during the Christmas season, they also accept toy donations for the less privileged children. They even organize various toy drives on holidays and during Christmas. You can join them virtually through their official site or you can join these toy drives on a volunteer basis.

4. Room To Grow

Room To Grow is an organization that is dedicated to children. They collect toys during Christmas but besides toys, they accept all essential items required for the children including clothes, diapers, and other stuff required for the nourishment of the children. Moreover, this organization also has a 3-year plan in which they provide help to unserved families for proper nourishment and care of their children.

5. Second Chance Toys

Second Chance Toys is a non-profit organization that works for social as well as environmental causes. Their main aim is to reduce wastage and reusing used stuff. During Christmas, they organize toy drives and various toy donation programs to help underprivileged children. They accept all used and old toys and distribute them among needy children which reduces wastage You can also join this organization as a volunteer to support this initiative.

Overall, these organizations work hard during the Christmas season just to put smiles on the faces of underprivileged children. To show your support for the cause you can either donate toys or you can support with your presence by joining them voluntarily for their programs and toy drives. These organizations launch various programs during the Christmas season that help various unserved families and provide you with various opportunities to support toy donations. If you are curious then you can even check out some other organizations from different states that accept toy donations by simply visiting Christmas toy donations in San Diego and Las Vegas

How Do Underprivileged Families Get Christmas Toy Donations In NYC?

Underprivileged families go through a lot of hardships and in these situations, even small donations mean a lot to them. Parents who belong to underprivileged families can’t afford gifts and toys for their children during Christmas. So they have to get toy donations from the organizations. There are various toy donation organizations such as Room To Grow, Coalition For Homeless, Second Chance Toys, Volunteers Of America, etc through which unserved families can get donations right on time. Moreover, underprivileged families can get these donations from various other destinations such as churches and religious centers, toy libraries, children’s hospitals, shelters, and different pick-up locations selected by these organizations.

For free donations, underprivileged families have to fill out an application form which includes all the personal details about their age, income, address, etc. This application process starts a few months before Christmas. After this, based on eligibility criteria, these families are shortlisted and invited to get donated toys from the organization.


Every year thousands of families suffer from financial hardship and it becomes even worse in festive seasons due to additional expenses. Christmas is different for all it is not always the same for everyone. For such underprivileged families and children, toy donations are like blessings straight from Santa. For this cause, various toy donation organizations collect toys from toy donors and donate them to unserved families every year during Christmas. These organizations work relentlessly to bring a moment of happiness and joy into their lives. Not only this even you can support these organizations by working with them and helping voluntarily in toy drives and toy donation programs launched by these organizations.

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