Best 8 Charities That Offer Donation Pickups

8 Charities That provide Free Donation Pick Up facility

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Charities That Provide Free Donation Pick Up Facility : charity for that. Charity is a good thing to get rid of old and no longer of use things. And on the other hand, the needy person gets the required things. By doing donations, we are helping these persons also, who are in need. But we can’t find these needy persons directly. So, many organizations accept these donations and provide these things to needy persons.

Basically, these organizations or charities work as a bridge between the donor and the receiver. So, if you are also planning to donate something, but don’t know about that, then you are reading the right article. Because here we are going to tell you about these charities only. To know more about that, read our article till the end.

8 most famous charities that offer donation pickups

Now we are going to tell you the names of these eight most popular organizations, so that you may contact them when you want to donate your unneeded things. These are as follows:

1. Pick Up My Donation

This is a charity that works with non-profit thrift stores. And it helps needy people by securing its money. These accept Large items that can’t easily be donated without a truck. Your request will be sent directly to your nearest non-profit thrift store, and if they’re interested then you’ll have a pickup scheduled.

So, if you have some big thing to donate, start packing your stuff and contact, it will arrange a pickup facility for you.

2. The Salvation Army

Planning to donate your old clothes and searching for the donation place or the charity for that? You can contact the Salvation Army. This could be a good place for you. You may shortlist your unneeded stuff to donate and contact them for the free salvation army donation pick-up. You may donate many things there, such as household items, unneeded clothes, and many other things, which can be of their use.

Things they accept are clothing, furniture, Mattresses, several household items, books, used cars, electronic items, etc.

This army organization has been working since 1865. It operates stores in order to collect funds to help people. This salvation army is best known for its thrift stores that aim to sell/provide these donated items, and collect money to help needy people. The Salvation Army helps families in many ways such as through camps and recreation programs, providing them food, holiday programs, housing help, and some activity centers.

To donate your items, make a list of things, collect them and contact the Salvation Army, they will provide free pick-up and delivery for you.

3. Furniture Bank Network

Do you want to donate your old furniture? Then you must contact the furniture bank network to donate it. And all these furniture and other things are given to the people, who can’t furnish their homes.

Things they accept are furniture, electronic items, small appliances, housewares, etc. They help poor and helpless women, and people who experienced any kind of problem like this.

Schedule your pick-up as soon as you make a program to donate your things.

4. Goodwill

Helping people by donating some stuff is a very good decision. As many people can use these things. You may contact Goodwill as soon as you decide to donate your stuff.

This is a US-based company and has its appx 3200 stores in the US and Canada. They will sell your donated items at a very good discount and that amount is used for their good work only, like job training for needy persons, etc.

Things they accept are- furniture, electronic items, shoes and clothing, Art and books, Toys and games, housewares, etc. This organization provides job and job training to all needy, youth, elderly, and other people. You can call them easily and get in touch with them to ask about donations and other required things.

5. Pickup Please

If you want to donate some of your unneeded clothes, just have to stay in touch with this army organization and leave everything with them, they will arrange everything. Hence, they help everyone, including needy people, and make everything hassle-free for donors as well. To know everything about the donation of clothes, get in touch with the pickup please service.

Contact them to donate things and they will provide the pickup facility within 24 hours. And things they accept are- Clothing, Household items, Toys, Electronics, Books, Sports equipment and tools, Small home furnishings, etc.

They help veterans from all U.S. wars and of all ages. Contact them and schedule your pick-up as soon as you make a program to donate your things.

6. AMVETS National Service Foundation

This foundation has been in service of US veterans since 1948. You can contact them as well when you are planning to donate your unneeded things.

Things they accept are small furniture and appliances, toys and games clothing and accessories, electronics, bedding, bicycles, and TVs, computers and exercise equipment five years old and newer, and many more. Donate your stuffs to AMVETS Donation Pick Up Near You.

AMVETS focuses on supporting U.S. war veterans, both active-duty servicemen and women and those who are honorably discharged. So, call and contact them to donate your extra stuff.

7. The Arc

Donations can change someone’s life by providing the right thing at the right time without any expectation. If you have something to donate, then The Arc can be a good option for you.

The Arc charity has been supporting needy and disabled people since 1950. It has more than 600 thrift stores throughout the United States.

Things they accept are furniture and housewares, clothing and shoes, electronics, books, toys and games, Used cars, etc. And they offer these donated items to kids, adults, and other disabled people.

Contact them and schedule your pick-up as soon as you make a program to donate your things.

8. Habitat for Humanity

Have some stuff like clothes to donate? This is the right time to contact Habitat for humanity now. Prepare your bag of unneeded things. They will arrange a free pick-up service for you.

It was founded in 1976 and helps needy people all around the world.  They accept many things, such as Furniture, appliances, building materials, household items, etc. Our main aim is to help all needy families who we come to know internationally.

To schedule the pick-up service, contact them and they will arrange everything.

There are some things you don’t try. So, have a look at these things, before donating your stuff, do read them all.

Things you should do:

  1. You must wash or dry clean clothes before donating them.
  2. You must clean and disinfect every item before donating it.
  3. Before donation, check all equipment that requires electrical power or batteries
  4. Make sure the toys, books, etc. aren’t damaged, as it can be dangerous for them.
  5. Don’t donate children’s items that could be choking hazards.

 Things you should not do:

  1. Don’t donate any expired or broken items.
  2. You should not donate anything that has been banned, recalled, or is too old to meet the current safety standards.
  3. Don’t include anything that is considered hazardous like cleaning supplies, and makeup

Tips for donation pickups

Donation is the best thing, as it is beneficial for all both- donor and receiver or the needy people. If you have something that is not expired and you can donate to use it again, just contact these organizations.

There are a few tips for that. These are-

  • You should know what’s worth donating
  • You must do some research before choosing your charity
  • Decide honestly and then prep your items
  • And at last, schedule your donation pickup in advance


Donation is a good thing to help needy people and the people who require them. Donation is good for both- the donor and the receiver. The donor gets his / her wardrobe empty to purchase more and the receiver can use them. And, we can’t find these people on the way, we have to search for them. Although, many organizations work like a bridge for this donation work.

These donation organizations provide you with an opportunity to share things with needy people as a partner in helping those in need. And your help will make a huge difference in someone’s life, so, we need your encouragement, your prayer, and financial support.

By donating your household items to these organizations, you are helping to restore hope for those in need, reunite families, and break the chains of addiction in our cities. So, if you have something to donate, collect them and call anyone from these given charity organizations and that’s it. They will organize a pickup facility themselves.


1. What furniture donations are typically accepted?

A few organizations accept furniture as well. And if they are accepting furniture, then they can accept couches, entertainment centers, chairs, tables, lamps, bed frames, mattresses, office furniture, dressers, bookcases, etc.

2. What is not available for pickup?

Although, it depends on the organization, as some of them only pick up smaller items one or two people can easily pick up and carry.

3. How can I schedule a donation pickup?

You can just prepare your donation bag/box and call them up. They will arrange a pickup facility as soon as possible.

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