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Organizations and Charities Donate for Christmas Donating to charity during the holiday season of Christmas is one of the valuable works that bring happiness to the underdeveloped section of society. There are various ways available through which you can donate for Christmas including local, national, and international charities and organizations. Many organizations provide Christmas cheer to the families in your area and with the help of these you can donate any item that you feel is worth for the individuals. You should teach your children the value of giving to others as this is a social responsibility. Many non-profit organizations depend upon the donations that they receive from the community. So, don’t forget to fulfill your social responsibility towards the community as your little donation can make a difference in the lives of children, elderly people, and many more individuals. Here, in this guide, we will discuss the organizations and the places where you can donate for Christmas including local places. 

Donations for Christmas

Christmas is the festival of holidays, lights, and gifts that bring joy to everyone. This festive period is a peak time for fundraising. The donors are feeling more generous and inclined to donate during this season. To support donations various organizations work to support the community. Most of the charitable organizations rely on community support and fund their expenses and needs through their donations. You can donate anything including food, clothes, toys, books, electronics, and money. You can buy gifts for those who are in need to support the concept of Santa during Christmas. You can purchase from charity shops and thrift stores, it helps them in raising some money. So, you can donate to the cause of kindness. 

Where to Donate for Christmas?

The best places where you can donate for Christmas are discussed here. Depending on the priorities and interests of the organizations you can support them by donating goods and other items. It spreads joy and makes a positive impact on the lives of individuals who are in need. Let’s look into the most popular options. 

1. The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust is the organization that supports the local food banks. You can donate food in December to this organization so they can distribute it at the time of Christmas. The dynamic team of the trust supports the community to end the need for food banks. You can check the specific needs of the individuals through this trust and then can complete the demand by donating those items. You can donate the food items in January as well when these food banks receive fewer donations. So, donating to the food banks is one of the best donations as you fulfill the basic needs of the individuals. 

2. Project Linus

Project Linus is an organization that provides blankets to needy people and has been working since 1995. It is a children-focused charity that supports needy children. According to the data of the last 20 years, they donate around 350 blankets per month on average. They only provide hand-made blankets. You can donate hand-made blankets to provide help to seriously ill and traumatized children. 

3. Operation Christmas Spirit

If you are looking to support a military family during Christmas then you can donate money, goods, and gifts to the Operation Christmas Spirit organization. This organization aims to spread the spirit of Christmas to those who serve the nation. They provide help to the military people who never ask for anything in return and sacrifice so much for the country. You can donate money online and allow the volunteers of the organization to do the shopping from your side for the military families. To know more about the donation you can visit their official website. 

4. Prison Fellowship Angel Tree

Prison Fellowship Angel Tree is a Christian charitable organization that provides its services to children whose one parent is in prison. They aim to strengthen the relationship between incarcerated parents and their children. To support this cause, they provide facilities to the families of the prisoners all year around including the Christmas period. You can donate gifts to this organization and they can make a difference in the lives of the prisoners’ families by coordinating the gift delivery during the Christmas holidays. 

5. Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is a program that is run by the Samaritan’s Purse organization. They provide packages of shoeboxes to the children at the time of Christmas that are filled with various items like toys, school supplies, candy, apparel, hygiene items, cards, etc. You can donate the shoe boxes to this organization according to the age group of the children. One best part is that you can track your gift or the donation till it reaches its final destination. If you donate online then you will receive a special level on your shoe box through which you can track the journey of your shoe box. Your small packages may enlighten the festival of needy children. 

6. Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is an organization that collects new and unwrapped toys to provide them to underprivileged children. To bring a smile to the faces of the less-fortunate children at Christmas you can donate toys to the Toy for Tots. This organization has been working since 1947 and is run by the U.S. Marine Corps to support children up to the age of 16. You can donate via local toy drop locations, and the online website of Toy for Tots, and can send online money as well rather than toys. 

7. Pay Away the Layaway

Layaway is an organization that supports families at the time of shopping. Individuals do not have to pay the full amount up front for the items they purchase. This organization signed partnerships with major retailers like Walmart and Burlington Stores during the Christmas season to pay for gifts and other essentials on Layaway. You can donate money or other help online to this organization. They aim to inspire hope and spread kindness. 

8. Salvation Army Angel Tree

Salvation Army is an organization that supports donations throughout the United States with the help of its several programs including the Angel Tree Program. During the Christmas season, the Salvation Army runs a program in collaboration with Walmart. The stores keep Christmas trees with tags on them. The children who visit the stores can write their wishes on those tags and each tag has a wish of a specific child. The donors then pick that tag and then shop for the written item at Walmart. After purchasing, donate the gift to the Salvation Army. In this way, the organization distributes angel gifts to the children.

So, these are some renowned places and organizations that support your donation to the community during Christmas. To make your donation impactful, you can donate according to the needs and requirements of the organization. 

Christmas Donations Near Me

You can also donate during Christmas near your locality including family and friends, local food banks, homeless shelters, hospitals, schools, animal shelters, and national and international charities. The low-income families and the underprivileged section of society are unable to afford their basic daily needs and want help from charities and nonprofit organizations. The privileged section of our society can help these organizations through their small amount of donation which can make a difference in their lives. Christmas is a festival of love and joy where every child hopes for the good like toys, sweets, and other necessary items. You can contact them and ask for their needs and can fulfill their demand by donating your used items or by new ones. 


Donation for Christmas is a wonderful way to spread positivity and joy in the lives of others. You can make donations through various modes including national and international organizations, local charities, and nonprofits. Along with these, you can explore your local areas where your donation may bring happiness to the lives of many children, elderly people, and low-income families. You can donate anything like food items, toys, educational items, clothes, electronics, footwear, blankets, and other necessities. To make your donation worthwhile, try to contact the organizations and the individuals to know about their needs and requirements. According to their needs, you can donate for Christmas. You can follow the websites for better transparency and information.

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