Car Donation Northern Virginia Program

Car Donation Northern Virginia Program

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Car Donation Northern Virginia Program : Helping people in human society is an act of humanity. The richest people or corporates donate a part of their company’s profit to the non-profit organizations for the betterment of people in the society. With growing time, different people are donating a variety of things that are not much use to them, but can be useful for others, which involves cars. A car helps women, kids, veterans and patients to live daily easily, but due to financial issues they face several difficulties in Northern Virginia. So, if you possess an old car, then you can donate it in the Car Donation Northern Virginia Program to help the backward people of the society.

Car Donation Helping Greater Virginia

The non profit organizations and religious organisations run Car Donation Northern Virginia programs. In this program, they auction old cars that are donated by a donor and later utilize the money for the well being of people such as education for children, treatment costs for patients suffering from serious illness, empowerment of women, employment generation of the youth and many more. Every citizen of Northern Virginia should come forward to help the needy people and marginalized families of Northern Virginia by donating their car.

If you have decided to donate your car, few questions may come across your mind like whom to choose and what is the process that you have to follow to donate a car to needy people in Northern Virginia. When you prepare your mind to do this kind act of humanity, every step becomes easy. In this blog you will get all the information regarding the Car Donation Northern Virginia program. Let’s read those information step by step.

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that runs on the motive of providing shelter to the underprivileged families in Northern Virginia. The non profit organisations are also engaged in mortgage services for the betterment of the families in Northern Virginia. The main source of funding in Habitat for Humanity is fund raising camps and donation. If you are willing to donate your old car to support the needy people in Virginia, then Habitat for Humanity is a good option.

The process of donation is very simple and easy, first you have to visit the official website of Habitat for Humanity Northern Virginia and book an appointment or call on their toll-free number. You need to fill up an application form and after acceptance of the form , team members of the NGO will inspect your car thoroughly. The paperwork involved in the process is also quite smooth, you only need to transfer the ownership from yourself to the NGO. They will give you a receipt of tax deduction after you donated the car.


Melwood is a non profit organization that aims at helping people from different communities so that they can live their life with respect and stand with the other people in the society. The NGO provides different types of training that include job training, skill development training, recreational services and many more. The Melwood was established in 1963 with an aim to support specially abled people and make them self employed.

If you want to help these people then donate your old car to help the underprivileged people in Northern Virginia. The car that you will donate will be auctioned later. The money earned from the auction will be later used in the welfare of the different people. The process of donating a car to Melwood is very easy, first you need to fix an appointment then the team members will check your car and after acceptance they will give you a tax deduction receipt.

The Arc:

The Arc is another non profit organization that works to support specially abled people in the society. It is a local non profit organization in Northern Virginia that covers almost all the major cities of Northern Virginia. Their main motive is to serve people so they run several charity programs and car donation Northern Virginia programs are among one such programs.

The Arc runs programs in collaboration with Melwood to serve a larger group of people and disabled people in Northern Virginia. Through this program, after donating your car you will get tax deduction benefits and if the tax claim exceeds $500 against the donation value of the car then you have to fill another form 8283. In this way, you can support the specially abled people in Northern Virginia and also get a tax deduction.

To donate your old car through The Arc you have to register your car on their official website, then the respective team members of the NGO will check your car. The paperworks involved are also very simple and smooth. The Arc has a simple process to donate cars so that many people can come forward and donate their old car.

Vehicles for Veterans

As the name suggests, Vehicles for Veterans is a non profit organization that works for the welfare of Veterans and their families. It is registered under section 501 © (3) that confirms it is a non-profit organization. Veterans risk and sacrifice their lives so that normal citizens of a Nation can be safe, but when they are retired they face financial problems. Veterans for Vehicles works to support the veterans and their families.

The donated cars will be used by veterans and their families to travel, the funds generated from the donated cars are further used to financially support the veterans.

Goodwill Car Donation

The Goodwill Car Donation is a non profit organization that works to provide support to the specially challenged citizens of Northern Virginia. They run several programs to support disabled people and provide them job training and skill development training to make them financially independent. To carry out the programs successfully the organization needs money, the funds are collected by donations made by people.

If you want to help the specially abled community of Northern Virginia then you can donate your old used car to Goodwill Car Donation. The best thing about this organization is that they accept cars that are not even in a condition to move, so if you have a car that is damaged then it is better to donate it to Goodwill Car Donation. They will use your scrap car to help the needy people of Northern Virginia.

Northern Virginia Family Services

This is another best non profit organization that runs for the betterment of people living in Northern Virginia. It runs several different programs to support families with low average income. They have a car donation program for the community of people who are suffering hard to get public transportation service.

If you want to help children, senior citizens, women and underprivileged families in Northern Virginia then you can donate your cat to this organization. The donated car will be used to travel people from place to place who don’t have the money to pay public transportation fees. The process of donating your car to Northern Virginia Family Services is very simple and convenient. First you need to visit the official website of Northern Virginia Family Services to fix an appointment or you can call on their toll-free number, then fill up the necessary information in the form¬† provided, the representatives of the NGO will check your car and take it with them. You can also self drive your car to the NGO office. After the donation process they will provide you with a receipt that will help you in tax deduction.


These were the list of few non profit organizations that work for the betterment of people residing in Northern Virginia. Hence you should step forward to do something for these communities of people, participate in the car donation Northern Virginia program. A small effort and help can bring a wave of happiness and hope to a small community of people who might need your help. This act of kindness will enlighten humanity in society.

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