Donate Car To Charity For The Welfare Of The Society

Donate Car To Charity For The Welfare Of The Society

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How to Donate Car To Charity For The Welfare Of The Society :  Donating your car to charity is a great step towards humanity, because a used car that seems useless to you may be useful to others. Donating a car is beneficial in two aspects – the charity will hand over the car to needy people after auctioning it and you will receive a tax deductible receipt. But sometimes when you are going to Donate Car To Charity reality is way different than what you have expected.

Things To Remember Before Donating a Free Car To Charity

As per recent market research many car charities are working on profit motive, so you must think twice before donating your car. There are few things that one should keep in mind while donating a free car to charity.

Understand Charity

Before donating a car to charity you should find a charity that will donate your car to the needy people. Make sure that the Charity organization you chose should be with 501(c) (3) sections under IRS. If the organization fails to qualify this criteria, it means that it is not a registered NGO and you will not get any tax deduction after donating a car. Tax deduction receipt will help you in the deduction of tax in the income.

Take receipt from the Charity

After donating a car and all important documents that are necessary you should take the receipt of it. However, it is the responsibility of the organization to give you the receipt within 30 days after receiving a car. A receipt will give you surety about the donation camp and the non profit organization.

Drop your car to the charity on your own

If your old used car is still working it is better to drive it on your own to Donate Car to Charity as this will protect you from the organization that has a profit motive. Moreover, you should take proper signs in the documents from the NGO authorities and if it is possible then click a few photos of the NGO authorities and representatives with your and the donated car.

To whom the charity will Donate your old car?

Several underprivileged classes in the society who depend on charity organizations, Government, churches etc for support. The charity will auction the car and will utilize the money for the well being of people like unemployed youth, cancer patients, senior citizens, underprivileged kids, veterans, patients suffering from and others.

Cancer patients need to visit the hospital regularly for treatment and check ups for traveling, they need a car. If they use public transportation then it can cost them more. Moreover they can not travel comfortably in a public bus or train due to crowding so a private car can be very useful to them.

The veterans who have served our country and the ones who are still serving may need a car to assist their family, this small effort towards them is a small contribution from us. Hence, donate your car to a charity to help people in the society.

The children who are suffering from major illness are offered free treatments, the money generated from the donated car will be used to offer treatment cost and lodging free. The car will be used to carry those children to the hospital for regular check-ups. Children are the future of our Nation.

Top 4 Charity That Accepts Used Car As Donation in USA

There are several different organisations that run programs to donate cars, but in the USA there are four major non profit organizations that work only for the well-being of the society. Before donating your car always check and know all the details about the organization. There are many organizations that run car donation programs but work for profit motives. If you want to donate your used car these non profit organizations are the best.

  • Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that supports poor and underprivileged families by giving them an opportunity to live life with respect. It runs different types of programs and workshops across 50 states in the USA and other countries. They run several different programs that are focused on the well being and provide support to the underprivileged class if the society car donation program is among those several Charity programs.

The Habitat for Humanity accepts the donated cars and uses them to provide support to the habitat families.

The process of Donate Car to Charity is very simple and if you want to donate your old car then go to the official website of Habitat for humanity then provide all the details of your car. After the application form is accepted the NGO representatives will come and collect your car. They will give you a receipt of the car.

After they receive the car, the NGO will auction the car to licensed buyers, then the money received from auction will be further used for the well being of the people.

  • Wheels for Wishes

Wheels for wished runs several Charity programs and Car Donation is among them. Wheels of Wishes also supports children with serious types of illness.

The Car Donation Program is very simple and easy, you register your car on their site and they will collect it from you. You can also drive your car to their NGO. The best thing about them is they take all types of cars, even junk cars that are no more usable are also accepted, they help to get a tax deduction. The auctioned money is later used for the well being of the society.

If the auction value of the car falls below $500 then you can claim the market value of the car up to this amount.

Mainly, your donated car will be used to help children that are suffering from illness. The auctioned money will be also used for treatment of the children suffering from major illness.

  • American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society is a non- profit organization that runs on the motive to make America a cancerfree nation. The charity runs several programs and provides various aids that consist of hospital, medication, treatment and others.

Cars for Cure is one of the programs run by the American Cancer Society to support cancer patients. If you want to do something for the cancer patients then donate your old car to Americans Cancer Society. The money earned from your donated car will be used for the treatment of cancer patients, the car will be used to take cancer patients to the hospital they also arrange  free lodging for twelve nights in a nearby hotel to the cancer patients.

To donate your car in this program you need to visit the official website of the American Cancer Center, then fill up the car donation form, and fix the collection time. Once the form is approved, their team will collect your car and give you a car donation receipt and tax returns receipt.

  • Kars4Kids

Kars4Kids is a non profit organization that runs on the motive of overall development of kids that includes educational services, summer and winter camps, mentorship programs, cultural activities, health care and many more. The main motive of this organization is to develop the future of the Nation.

If you want to make the future of your Nation then donate your used car to Kars4Kids. The car donation process is very simple and easily done within three days.

First visit the official website of Kars4Kids , then call on their toll free number and fix an appointment, fill up the donation form. Once the application form is approved your work is done, they will collect your car and give you a tax deduction receipt. Kids are the pillars of your Nation and if you want to donate your old car for the well being of the society then Kars4Kids is a best choice.


These were some amazing, popular and trusted non profit organizations that work for the Welfare of the society through a program called Donate Car to Charity. So, if you want to utilize your old used car in the best possible way then choose any of the non profit organizations with the same Program. The charity houses mentioned have the same goal that is welfare of the society and serving them but with a different approach. Non profit organizations work only to serve the Nation.

Now you must come forward to show humanity and support to the backward class of the society, patients and kids through your used car.


Why should I donate my car to charity?

Donating your car to charity allows you to support a cause you believe in while also receiving potential tax benefits. It’s an excellent way to make a positive impact on society and help those in need.

What types of cars can be donated?

Most charities accept a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, and even recreational vehicles (RVs). Some organizations may have specific guidelines, so it’s best to check with them directly.

Is my car eligible for donation if it’s not in running condition?

Yes, many charities accept non-running vehicles. While the condition of the car may affect its value and how it can be used, it can still be donated to help support charitable programs.

How do I donate my car to charity?

The process may vary depending on the charity, but generally, you can start by contacting the organization you wish to donate to. They will guide you through the necessary steps, which typically involve completing a donation form, providing vehicle details, and arranging for pick-up or drop-off.

What documents do I need to donate my car?

You will typically need the vehicle title, but requirements may vary. It’s recommended to have a valid title, proof of ownership, and any relevant documentation such as a lien release or registration.

Will I receive a tax deduction for my car donation?

In many cases, yes. Non-profit organizations recognized by the IRS (in the United States) can provide tax receipts for vehicle donations, allowing you to potentially claim a deduction on your taxes. However, it’s important to consult with a tax professional or refer to the IRS guidelines to understand the specific rules and limitations.

 How is the value of my donated car determined?

The value of your car donation is typically based on its fair market value. Charities may assess the value themselves or utilize third-party sources, such as the Kelley Blue Book, to determine the worth. The final tax deduction you can claim may depend on the selling price of the vehicle or its usage by the charity.

Can I choose the charity to donate my car to?

Yes, you can typically select the charity or non-profit organization you wish to support with your car donation. It’s recommended to research different charities to ensure they align with your values and goals.

What happens to the car after I donate it?

After you donate your car, the charity may take different paths based on their programs. They may use the vehicle for their own operations, sell it to raise funds, or provide it to someone in need. The exact process may depend on the charity’s policies and the condition of the vehicle.

Is there a cost or fee to donate my car?

Some charities may have administrative or towing fees associated with the donation, but many reputable organizations cover these costs. It’s important to inquire about any fees or expenses before finalizing your donation.

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