10 Places Where You Donate Toys for Kids in Christmas 2022 Who Need Them Most

Some of your child’s current toys may need to be replaced if you’re adding fun new ones. As children mature, they acquire new interests and abilities, and old favourites are forgotten like yesterday’s news. However, unless the toys are damaged or filthy, don’t throw them away; many children would be happy to adopt them. So you can try for Christmas toy donations to donate them.

Here, in this topic, we are going to tell you where you can donate your old toys, so that needy people can use them. But, before that, I would like to tell you about Christmas toy donations.


What is Christmas Toy Donations?

By contributing to a charity that gives gifts for underprivileged children over the Christmas season, you may teach your kids the importance of giving to others. Your kids can take pleasure in picking out gifts for youngsters their own age. Pick from a number of different national organisations or search for a neighbourhood group that is bringing holiday pleasure to local families for Christmas toy donations.


Why to Donating Toys for Christmas in Important?

Christmas toy donations are a terrific way to ensure that less fortunate children may also enjoy the season. If you’ve never done this before, you might be unsure about where to begin and how to give toys around Christmas.

Giving a toy to a charitable organisation like Toys for Tots enables a less fortunate child to enjoy Christmas, and working at a food bank can assist a family in obtaining the food they require to enjoy Thanksgiving with meals on the table.


Best Time to Donate Toys for Christmas

Ideally, near about Christmas is the best time to donate the toys for needy childerens. Christmas toy donations to a charity that gives gifts for underprivileged children will help you teach your kids the importance of giving to others throughout the holiday season. Your children could love picking out gifts for youngsters their own age. You just have to contact them, and start donating your toys.


How to Donate Toys for Christmas in USA

For a lot of kids, Christmas is a magical time when they get to open presents, wait for Santa to come, and enjoy a roast supper. The cost of living problem has made this time of year more expensive than ever, and many children will have to go without for Christmas this year. You just have to search for donating toys for Christmas near me.

Now is the perfect time to think about giving a youngster who might not otherwise get one a present for Christmas. There are several ways to provide gifts to underprivileged children, including toy drives, financial or Christmas toy donations, and Christmas feasts. Continue reading to learn how you can use charity Christmas gifts to make a child smile.


Where Can I Donate New Toys for Christmas?

Giving toys to kids in need is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit as the holiday season approaches. Families are straining more than ever to provide presents for boys and girls, especially some of the new toys of 2022, which tend to be more on the pricey side of things in a year riddled with hurricanes, heat waves, and other catastrophes.

Although, there are many places/ organizations, where you can donate toys. We will discuss them all later in this article. You just have to search for the christmas toy donations near me and start donation. These organizations usually put christmas toy donation box to collect them.

1. Local places to donate toys for Christmas

Enter your city and county here to find a drop-off place close to you, and you’ll be given a list of companies that accept Christmas toy donations. You have the option to donate money if that’s what you prefer. 

Or you can even ask around like where to donate christmas decorations and search for the christmas toy donations near me. And you may then call them. And they will contact back to you or will arrange something to pick old toys up. Or, even they can arrange christmas toy donation box and you can put your toys there only.

2. Pick Main Cities Of USA and add the details according to it

When you have selected the place in USA to donate things, you may then search for the necessary details, and then can donate.


Organizations that donate toys for christmas

There are many organizations that help children during Christmas time by Christmas toy donations. Now, we are going to discuss some of them.

Best 10 Place to Donate Toys for Christmas 2022

Choose from a number of different national charities or search for a local group that is bringing holiday pleasure to families in your region for Christmas toy donations. Finding the ideal organization to offer your time, money, or other resources is not always simple.

Finding a charity that shares your values is a smart place to start, advises Charity Navigator President and CEO Michael Thatcher. In order to determine whether an aspiration is truly your aspiration, he advises beginning with the mission statement. Here are a few suggestions for organizations that young people can donate to over the holiday season. 

1. St. Jude

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital devotes its time throughout the year to treating patients and doing research in an effort to develop treatments and ways to avoid childhood illnesses like cancer. There are so many ways to give over the holidays: The St. Jude’s gift shop sells items that are charitable. When selling daily necessities or St. Jude Christmas decorations, many companies donate a portion of their revenues to St. Jude (that are all already listed on their official website). Alternatively, you can select St. Jude as your chosen charity on AmazonSmile for Christmas toy donations, which will donate a part of eligible purchases straight to St. Jude.

 2. Pay Away the Layaway

Families can purchase products via layaway instead of paying the entire cost at once. When buying presents for the holidays, this can be extremely helpful. To put the presents and necessities for thousands of families on layaway, Pay Away the Layaway collaborates with big-box stores like Burlington Stores and Walmart. Donate online to assist families in purchasing everything on their wish list, or provide your services at a nearby payout event for Christmas toy donations.

3. Project Linus

Families can purchase products via layaway instead of paying the entire cost at once. When buying presents for the holidays, this can be extremely helpful. To put the presents and necessities for thousands of families on layaway, Pay Away the Layaway collaborates with big-box stores like Burlington Stores and Walmart. Donate online to assist families in purchasing everything on their wish list, or provide your services at a nearby payout event.

4. Our Simple Wish

Thousands of kids affected by abuse or neglect in the foster care system are the focus of One Simple Wish, which tries to show them love and compassion. By looking through the website’s requests, which range from a Sephora shopping spree to a new camera, you may now fulfill a child’s fantasy want. The desires include the cost of each individual want as well as details about the child and their interests. You can even contribute toward a greater goal, such as furniture or car payments for older children. You can also make a monthly financial contribution, and this holiday season, One Simple Wish is offering to match some desires.

5. Toys for Tots

Since 1947, Toys for Tots, an organization run by the U.S. Marine Corps, has been gathering new, unwrapped toys and giving them to less fortunate kids. A toy can be bought and donated at a nearby toy drop station, a toy can be purchased from the Toys for Tots website, or money can be donated online, among other methods to support the organization’s cause. The toys are typically given to kids 12 and younger, though some communities may give out presents to kids as old as 16.

6. Operation Christmas Child

Children all throughout the world are in possession of great goods that come in small packages. Shoeboxes serve as the package in this instance. Operation Christmas Child, a project of the Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse, collects shoeboxes with toys, school supplies, personal care products, clothing, sweets, and notes from donors. 

Fill the box with appropriate goods for the child’s age group after choosing it. To help with shipping costs, a little gift is requested. If you make a donation online, you will get a specific label for your shoebox so you can follow it as it travels to its destination.

7. Make-A-Wish Foundation

While providing assistance to kids all year long, the Make-A-Wish Foundation also collaborates with businesses to raise money, especially around the holidays. Macy’s will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish for each letter you drop off for Santa at any of their stores. Making purchases in connection with ongoing promotions is another way you can support Make-A-Wish. When you make a purchase, the collaborating business will donate money to Make-A-Wish.

8. Prison Fellowship Angel Tree

Children who have at least one parent behind bars can receive assistance through the Christian charity Prison Fellowship Organization’s Angel Tree program. Through the program, volunteers bring the youngster a gift and a message from their jailed father as well as the Gospel. A Bible in either English or Spanish is also given to each family.

9. Salvation Army Angel Tree

In partnership with Walmart, The Salvation Army also runs the Angel Tree program. Tag-adorned Christmas trees are available at the retailers. The wishlist for a particular child is listed on each tag. The Salvation Army will distribute the presents once donors choose an angel tag, purchase them (though not exclusively at Walmart), and drop them off.

10. Operation Christmas Spirit

Through Operation Christmas Spirit, assist military children and their families. A military family might be “adopted” by donors who then send them gifts or gift cards. You can also choose to donate money online and delegate your shopping to volunteers. Donors may also “adopt” a service member who is not married through the program.


Is it too late to donate toys for Christmas

No, you can donate toys to these organizations any time around Christmas. Just call them and choose a selected time for the donation and they will pic things from you. Or, you can directly go to these organization’s office and start Christmas toy donations.



It’s easier than ever to make a donation to a charity from the comfort of your living room with a few simple clicks. Giving to the charity on this list is really easy because they all accept financial contributions online. For some, a different strategy may involve attending in-person events or bringing supplies, food, or gifts to drop-off locations. You can even donate your used but new alike bra for needy people use and can search for bra donations for that.Think about the shape you want your charity to take—whether you want it to be more individualized or more straightforward.

“Everybody wants to make the world a better place. The truth is that we’ll accomplish it in separate chunks “Thatcher concurs. As a result, ensure that those distinct bits are valuable.


FAQs of Request for Christmas Toys and Gifts for Kids

Now we are going to tell you some Frequently asked questions regarding this. These are as written below:

1. How can I make a request for Christmas toys and gifts for kids?

Ans. Through the United States Postal Service’s Operation Santa programme, you can ask for toys and gifts for kids at Christmas. Children can learn to engage if you participate in the programme, but participants are not guaranteed a gift. Participating is enjoyable whether or not you are selected.

2. Can I give my used holiday presents to a hospital?

Ans. They are unable to accept any used or pre-owned things, including worn periodicals, large mechanical or motorised toys, knitted clothing, or toys and games. The instructions further state that any gifts you donate this Christmas will be distributed as and where they are required among the wards and other sections of the hospital.

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